Stainless Steel Wire Knitted Plumbing Hose

Model NO.: HOS09
Origin: China
Supply various kinds flexible hose or shower hose, include stainless steel shower hose, brass shower hose, pvc shower hose etc.

Stainless steel Double lock EXTENSIBLE shower hose,
Φ 14mm x 150cm (120cm, 200cm etc. ), F1/2" x F1/2"

Stainless steel: 202 series(normal), S. S302/304/316(optional),
Outer Plating: Electropolished or Chrome plated
Inner pipe: EPDM
Inner core: LDPE core, or Brass core
Nuts: Brass round nut + Zinc(Brass) conical nut.

1 2 3 4 5
A nut1 A-1 A-2 A-3 A-4 A-5
B nut2 B-1 B-2 B-3 B-4 B-5
C hose material stainless steel copper   

D configuration single lock single lock and extension double lock double lock and extension
E surface finish polish chrome-plated copper-plated titanium-plated
F inner pipe PVC silica gel EPDM

G nipple brass plastic stainless steel nylon
H sleeve BRASS stainless steel brass double

I coupling plastic nylon without

J inside dia 6 7 8 9 10
K outside dia 13 14 15 16 17
L washer EPDM NBR silica gel plastic
M length 1m 1.2m 1.5m 1.7m 2m

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