Why Tatami is not practical The original hot tatami has so many flaws

I do not know since when, tatami began to walk into people's lives, and very much loved by the owners. Even before the renovation, many owners would strongly demand that the designer design a room with a tatami room. However, many netizens believe that tatami is not practical. Why is tatami not practical ? Take a look at the tatami defects.

Why tatami is not practical 1, there are requirements for mattresses

Tatami mattresses are the best choice for imported latex mats, mainly domestically-made elasticity; it is better not to choose spring mats. If the quality is not good, it will be very easy to damage. If it is a spliced ​​mattress, buckle each other. .

Why is tatami not practical, two or three sides directly against the wall or by the window

The design of tatami mats is usually surrounded by three walls or windows. Some of them even rely on the outer walls. If you touch them while sleeping, you have a cold feeling. You need to put thickest wall coverings on them. If the wall coverings are not flexible, then Sitting is very uncomfortable; in the area near the window, it is easy to have cold winds coming in through the window slits, especially north-facing windows, with thick curtains and bamboo curtains.

Why tatami is not practical 3, soundproofing

Generally tatami rooms have poor soundproofing problems, mainly because the sliding doors are relatively thin and have poor sounding effects. It is better to choose relatively heavy wooden doors as sliding doors, and you can also install soundproof strips to solve the problem of poor sound insulation. .

Why tatami is not practical 4, highly confined

Most of the tatami mats are under storage space and require a certain height. At least 40 cm above the floor height, it is necessary to put things. At this time, the interior space will be relatively low, ceilings will be difficult, and mattresses will be needed to sleep. Comfortable. And it will be inconvenient if you go straight up and you need to add steps or pedals; if you only do a tatami with a height of more than ten centimeters, it will be less practical.

Why tatami is not practical 5, environmental requirements

Tatami is not suitable for wet ground floor installations. The higher the floor the better, which is relatively dry, and the room in which the tatami room is located requires good ventilation.

Why tatami is not practical 6. Risk of bugs

Tatami bamboo mats or grass mats have the risk of worms. They are not suitable for long-term sleep and are harmful to health.

Why tatami is not practical 7, hard to clean

If children have bedwetting, it is easy to penetrate into the interior and it is very difficult to clean; and high-quality tatami mats are woven from rushes of grass and need to be exposed once every six months to prevent tatami from becoming moldy, spoiled, and bored.

Editor's Note: The above is about why tatami is not practical . In fact, there are still many flaws in the tatami products. If we choose to install tatami, we must adapt to our own flats. We must also pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. I hope that the sharing brought by Xiao Bian can give everyone doubts. If you want to know more about decoration, you can pay attention to this site information.

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