High Yield of "Horizontal Well + Volume Fracturing" Model in Qinghai Oilfield

The reporter learned from the China National Petroleum Corporation Qinghai Oilfield Company ("Qinghai Oilfield") on the 4th that the volume fracturing transformation of the Lion 49H1 well known as the "forbidden zone" of seismic exploration has been successful. Now, the Qinghai Oilfield is The volume fracturing process transformation of the five horizontal wells that have been implemented in the West of the West has achieved high yields, and the effects of the horizontal well + volume fracturing development model have shown initial signs.

The deep section of the Indo-West is a heroic ridge zone in the Qaidam Basin, where the average depth is about 4,600 meters. Due to the constraints of surface conditions, engineering techniques, and exploration knowledge, deep exploration in the West and the West has not seen great results in more than 30 years. It is the most difficult “hard bone” for oil and gas exploration in the Qaidam Basin.

According to Guo Ziyi, the deputy director of the Institute of Drilling and Production Technology of Qinghai Oilfield, in order to turn reserves into real output, Qinghai Oilfield, after more than two years of research and practice, has developed a set of horizontal wells that are suitable for the British West oil reservoir. The transformation of the development model has resulted in the development of two major technical processes, namely, “multi-cluster multi-segment + drillable bridge plug” and “open-hole packer + sliding sleeve fracturing” in the deep British and Western areas.

“The so-called factory development is to use the ground multi-well platform in the same block to implement the same fracturing process transformation plan, and to organize the construction in the form of uninterrupted factory pipeline operations, reduce the development cost, increase the construction efficiency and build production efficiency. Guo Ziyi said that in June of last year, the Qinghai Oilfield adopted the volume fracturing test of "holeless packer + soluble ball + drillable ball seat slide" for the first time in the Shiping 1 well, so that the average daily oil production reached 25 tons. The development trials were successful; on February 23 this year, a large-scale volume fracturing reconstruction was carried out on the Lion 49H1 well deployed in the Lion 49 well area in the main west of the Indo-West area. The high production rate was achieved after the production, confirming again the horizontal wells in the west of the Indo area. + Correctness of volumetric fracturing development model.

Guo Ziyi said that obtaining high levels of horizontal wells will have a guiding significance for the efficient development of the Yingxi exploration area.

Qinghai Oilfield is the highest oil and gas field in the world. Located in the Qaidam Basin in the northwest of Qinghai Province, Qinghai Oilfield is an important oil production and oil supply base in Qinghai and Tibet, with an average elevation of about 3,000 meters. More than 4 billion tons, natural gas resources nearly 100 billion cubic meters. (Sun Rui Wang Degang)

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