90 square meters of decoration of the house needs 90 square meters of house decoration should pay attention to what

After the room is handed over, it is time to consider the cost of the renovation. This is also what we are most concerned about. Understanding the specific budget list will also allow you to be aware of your decoration. After all, the cost of renovation is not a small expense. So, how much does it cost to decorate a 90-square-meter house ? To help people answer questions, I will provide a more detailed budget list. I hope to give you a simple reference.

How much does it cost to decorate a 90 square meter house?

The first thing we need to say is the cost of basic decoration. There are many basic decoration projects, and the prices for different projects are different. The following gives you a detailed list (half pack as an example):

1, hydropower reform: new homes before the renovation of water and electricity to be carried out, the charging standards are based on the size of the housing area. Generally 90 square meters of the house charges about 2000-5000 yuan.

2. Flooring: Flooring is much simpler than hidden construction, so its cost is relatively low. The reference price in the market is probably between 25 yuan -35 yuan / square meter.

3, floor tiles, wall tiles: Paving tiles are more complex projects, so the need for professionals to work. The decoration cost is more expensive than the paving floor. The specific charge standard is: paving bricks 45-53 yuan/square meter; sticking wall tiles 47-55 yuan/square meter.

4, brush the wall: the wall needs to find professionals to work, because it is half a package, so only need to pay the construction costs, labor costs are roughly as follows: putty 20-30 yuan / square meter; brush latex paint 15-40 yuan / Flat meters.

5, ceiling: After the wall is brushed, you need to consider the ceiling project. Before hanging the ceiling, you should communicate your requirements and details with the decoration company. The general ceiling construction cost reference price is 40 yuan -55 yuan / square meter.

6, door and bathroom sanitary ware installation: Doors and bathroom wares must be purchased, find someone to install the cost of about 200-500 yuan. Of course, most companies will provide free on-site installation services.

How much does it cost to decorate a 90 square meter house?

After discussing the basic decoration costs, the next step is to clear the freight. Due to the large amount of garbage generated during the home improvement process, a special person needs to be found to clean it. In this 90-square-meter renovation budget list, there is no clear standard for clearing freight, because the price fluctuation is large, and you can negotiate when you look for garbage cleaning. Of course, if you look for a decoration company, they may also include this part of the work, and the cost will be within your contract amount.

90 square meters of house decoration should pay attention to what

1. The size of the bathroom floor drain must be measured beforehand. The floor drain is best located on one side of the brick. If it is in the middle of the brick, no matter how the brick is inclined, the floor drain will not be the lower point. Sinks and gas stoves above the lights, bathroom air conditioning sockets are set up special switches, especially bathroom electric water heaters, with a double switch with a plug is appropriate. If you want to turn off the electric heat, it is dangerous to pull the plug.

2. When the new house is renovated, the bathroom floor is higher than the hall. You can use the door stone to solve the problem. The toilet should pay attention to moisture-proof and waterproof. When making the bathroom surface basin cabinet, it is necessary to first consider the size of the basin so that it cannot be installed in the future.

3, the rational use of toilet walls in the recessed space, paste well after the tiles can be used as storage. The slope of the bathroom floor should be considered before laying the bricks. According to the slope of the national standard, the effect of rapid drainage cannot be achieved. It is suggested that setting the slope slightly higher than the international slope will help drainage.

Editor's summary: The above is about how much money is needed to decorate a 90-square-meter house . The most important thing for decoration is to like it and live comfortably. The budget is not the only indicator; at the same time, there are also long-term factors that emphasize construction quality, environmental protection materials, and so on.

How much does it cost to decorate a 90 square meter house?

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