Smart door lock industry chain suppliers and supporting suppliers

With the prosperity of the Internet of Things, smart home products are more and more popular among people. As the first barrier to family safety, smart door locks are an important entry point for major manufacturers to cut into smart homes.

In 2015, the sales volume of domestic smart door locks was 2 million sets. In 2016, it increased by 75%, and the total sales volume exceeded 3.5 million sets, mainly concentrated in North China and South China. In 2017, the sales volume of domestic smart door locks exceeded 8 million sets. It is estimated that by 2020, the sales volume of domestic smart door locks will reach 32 million sets.

At present, domestic smart door locks are mainly used in commercial scenarios, such as hotel doors, office building access and parking lots. Of course, with the popularity of smart homes, many families have begun to install smart door locks.

From the perspective of industrial supply chain, it mainly includes upstream chips, fingerprint identification and communication companies, and smart door lock manufacturers in the middle reaches. The downstream are generally service operations, apartment hotel partners and so on.

The main suppliers of the intelligent door lock industry chain are as follows:

Master chip: STMicroelectronics, NXP, Texas Instruments, Renesas, Qualcomm, Microchip + Atmel (Microchip), Cypress, Nordic, Infineon, NEC, SAMSUNG, Toshibe, Core, Beijing Junzheng, Huada Semiconductor, Zhongying Electronics, China Resources Micro, Elan Electronics, Smart Microelectronics , Songhan Technology, Peicheng Electronics, Lingyang Technology, Shengqun, Neusoft, Xintang Technology, Guokewei, Actions and so on.

Fingerprint identification: Sweden FPC, Huiding, Tuzheng, Zhongkong Technology, Fingerprint, Zhongtian Yiwei, Hongda High-tech, Peking University High-Tech, Aloha Bio, Qianyuan, Mindwei, Bangrong, Jianan, Weier Technology, Keldi, Ang, Weizheng, Guanlun, Magic Information, Longdun Information, Weibang, Zhongzheng Intelligent, Shizhi Technology, Yaoyang, Jinyinghui, Zhicheng Collet, Eddie Ward, Ke Ruiqi Wait.

Communication company: Saiyi, Shenzhen Chuangling, Broadcom, Hengzhongxin, Lierda, Huaming, Ruiqi, Kentian Communication, Meiman Technology, Leiling, Texas Instruments, UKEY, Zhongxing IOT, Zhiyuan Electronics, Chuangrui News, Qingke, Hanfeng, Baitai Industrial, etc.

Cloud platform: Ali Io, Baidu Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Yunzhiyi, Jizhiyun, Shenzhiyun, AYLA IoT, Zhiyun Singular, Jingdong Cloud, IBMBLUEMIX, Microsoft AZURE, Amazon AWS, etc.

Apartment hotel operation: Home, I love my family, Tujia, pig, AIRBNB, Ctrip, mushroom apartment, Rubik's cube, Beike, Qingke, free, Shanghai Lianju and so on.

Smart door lock lock manufacturers: Cadiz, Deschman, Keyu, Qingsong Ward, Huitailong, magnate, Sony, Ziguang IOT, Si Ge, Zhi Family, VOC, Yale Electronic Lock, Newell Newell , Nanjing IOT, Huohe Technology, Aoyi Electronics, Augest, Haier, Jin Finger Code, Unikey, Probak, Bida Security, RAMAX, Rolex, Yunding Technology, 360, Hongyun Network, Dahua, Haikang , Sprite, Moli, Inter, Dongwu Shi'an, Romance, Zhongheng, Jiawei, Manya, Liufu, Zhongxing, Spotted Cat, Xiaobawang, Pinduo, Wrigley, Dinggu, ejia, Gaodun , Rainbow, 90,000, Midea, Skyworth, Kotani, Youdis, An Langjie, Guli, Gaoli, Lewo, Donglong, Liwei, Baodean, Meilibao, Puxin, Ya Jie, Mingmen, Panasonic, Soberfi, Gossip Intelligence, Berlan, GM, Young, Asia Pacific, Sakura, Techno, Zhongkong, Leken, Ba Ling, Knight, Manshen, Chinese knot, English Dillon, Emperor, Marshall, Rongshida, Yangzi Smart, Samsung, Chuangjia, Adidas, Haibeisi, etc.

Note: According to statistics, at present, there are more than 1,300 smart lock companies and more than 2,800 brands. Therefore, Xiaobian cannot check them one by one. Please understand.


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