What are the cabinet plate brands? Cabinet plate category

There are many cabinet plates used in the panel industry. The top ten brands of cabinet plates have been released. Many processes are needed in the process of making cabinets into cabinets. There are many brands of cabinet plates. I don’t know if you have a little understanding of cabinet plates. There are many categories of cabinet plates. How much do you know about the cabinet plate brands? Then everyone will follow the small series to see the relevant contents of the cabinet plate brand .


Cabinets - the top ten brands in the whole cabinet list / brand cabinets

1 Ou Pai (China famous brand, top ten brands of cabinets, leading brands in the cabinet industry)

2 Haier (China famous brand, China famous brand, top ten brands of cabinets)

3 gold medals (top ten brands of cabinets, the first brand in the market)

4 hundred V (China famous brand, top ten brands of cabinets, professional kitchen cabinet manufacturers in Southwest China)

5 Cobo Boloni (China famous brand, top ten brands of cabinets, brand, from Italy)

6 Fangtai (China famous brand, top ten brands of cabinets, famous brands in Chinese kitchen field)


7 Yardil (top ten brands of cabinets, one of the enterprises with large and early sales of Chinese kitchen cabinets)

8 I am OLO (top ten brands of cabinets, Sino-US joint venture, leading brand of East China cabinets, Nanjing)

9 Zhibang (top ten brands of cabinets, pioneers in China's kitchen cabinet industry, Jiangsu famous brand, Hefei)

October rabbit (China famous brand, top ten brands of cabinets, domestic large cabinet enterprises)

There are three main categories of cabinet cabinet plates:

First, particle board (there are domestic and imported, moisture-proof and non-moisture-proof) Particleboard is a processing of wood or non-wood plant material into a certain form of shavings through special equipment, adding appropriate amount of adhesive and auxiliary materials, under certain temperature and pressure, Pressed large format sheet.

Second, blockboard (commonly known as large core board) Blockboard is commonly known as: large core board, which is processed into a wooden strip of the same standard specification by sawing machine, and then made into a core board by glue, and then in the positive After the two sides are glued to the thin wood, it is the blockboard product.

3. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) Medium Density Fibreboard is a kind of artificial board with a density of about 0.5-0.88gcm3 after special processing to apply the urea-formaldehyde resin and other additives. At present, most of the cabinets on the market use the following types of plates: double veneer (MFC), film press (PVC), lacquered board 1. Double veneer is made of particle board as the intermediate substrate, and the paper is impregnated with triamine. Pressed onto the surface of the substrate under high temperature and high pressure. The double-decorated panels currently imported on the market mainly use the German PHLEIDERER board and the Austrian EGGER board. The domestically produced double veneer door panels are not stable enough for the refractory decorative layer.

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