Disinfecting cupboard size which disinfection cupboard size

How much is the size of the disinfection cupboard ? This problem should be clearly understood at the beginning of home decoration so that there is enough room for it to be placed. In fact, the size of the sterilizer is not difficult to understand. The sterilized cupboards sold in the market can be related to the size information as long as they look for the brand. This article is also about disinfecting cupboard sizes . Let's take a look.


Xiaoduwangui classification

According to use can be divided into:

Commercial sterilizers and household sterilizers. The sterilizers commonly used in hotels are generally called commercial sterilizers, such as: tableware sterilizers, towel sterilizers, chopsticks sterilizers, and shoe sterilizers; and household sterilizers are tableware sterilizers and clothes sterilizers. In fact, whether it is a household disinfection cabinet or a commercial disinfection cabinet, the principle is basically the same, the difference lies mainly in the size of the model.

According to the brand of disinfection cabinet

Vantage disinfection cupboards, pine flower disinfection cupboards, the United States disinfection cupboards, Yue Kang disinfection cupboards and so on.

According to disinfection method for points:

Ozone tableware disinfector, electric tableware disinfector, UV tableware disinfector and combination tableware disinfector.

According to the disinfection effect is divided into :

One-star disinfection cupboards, two-star disinfection cupboards.


According to disinfection methods:

Ozone sterilizers Disinfecting cupboards with ozone for utensils disinfection;

Electric heating utensils disinfecting cabinet disinfects the disinfection of the utensils by heating the electric heating elements;

Ultraviolet food disinfecting cabinets use ultraviolet light as one of the means of disinfecting food utensils. Disinfecting cupboards that rely solely on ultraviolet light disinfection are not suitable for disinfecting food utensils.

The combination type tableware disinfecting cupboard is composed of two or more disinfecting methods to disinfect the cupboard.

According to disinfection effect star rating:

The killing rate of E. coli in one-star disinfection cabinet (*) should not be less than 99.9%

Two-star disinfecting cabinet (**) a) The killing logarithm of Escherichia coli should be greater than or equal to 99.9%, and the poliovirus infection titer is expressed by a formula: (TCID50) ≥ 105 inactivated logarithm ≥ 4.00


Disinfecting cupboard size

Disinfection cupboard size vertical disinfection cabinet

When we choose the vertical disinfection cabinet, we actually do not need to pay attention to too many problems. If our family actually needs more space, we can choose a larger disinfection cabinet. This is mainly because vertical sterilizers only have one place in the space where it can be placed.

Sterilized cupboard size embedded sterilizer

When choosing an embedded sterilizer, we need to pay attention to its size problem, because this sterilizer will be combined with our whole cabinet, so in order to make our kitchen beautiful and generous, we need to pay special attention to the size of the sterilizer. Now. Take our familiar double door embedded sterilizer, generally 420 to 450mm in width, 600mm in length, and 650mm in height. However, there is a subtle difference in the size of each disinfection cabinet, and each disinfection cabinet has its corresponding opening size, and there is no special fixed data.

These are the size of classification and Xiaoduwangui on disinfection cupboard related presentations, I hope for your help, more knowledge please pay attention to the furniture GO good home information channel.

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