Optional purchase - what are the tips for purchasing security doors?

Now decorating the home, people pay special attention to the purchase of the entrance door, because it is related to our home security. The security of the security door is relatively high and is widely loved by consumers. However, the types and styles of security doors are complete, and the quality difference is relatively large. Some consumers do not know how to choose. The following small series to share the basic skills of security door purchase, let's take a look.

Four key points for security door purchase

First, pass the certificate

The real security door must pass the statutory testing agency to pass the inspection according to the standard, and there is a permit for the production of safety skills prevention products issued by the provincial public security department (bureau) safety skills prevention department.

Second, the security level

According to the regulations, the security level of the security door can be divided into a level, b level and c level, wherein the c level has the highest anti-theft performance, the b level is the second, and the a level is the lowest. Most of the products we see in the construction material market are a-level anti-theft. Doors are generally suitable for general family applications.

Which security door is in compliance with the a-level specification?

All-steel, swing-open and fully enclosed security door, in the case of ordinary mechanical hand-made things, portable electric things, etc., the weakest link can be used as a non-perfect time to open the net time is greater than or equal to 15 minutes, or should not be cut A 615 square centimeter hole that penetrates the door.

Third, the lock is firm

Passing security doors generally use three-position locks or five-position locks. Not only the door locks are locked, but also the upper and lower rails can be inserted and locked to fix the door. Most of the doors are also embedded with rubber slats on the frame of the door. When the door is closed, it does not give a sharp and persuent metal collision.

Fourth, the quality of the process

Special attention should be paid to checking for weld defects such as open welding, unweld welding, and missing welding. Whether the matching of the door sill and the frame of the door is dense, whether the gap is uniform or not, whether the opening is flexible, whether all the joints are dense, whether the paint plating is uniform, firm and smooth.

Brand management: Brand is the mark of product quantity and service. The brand refers primarily to the product brand and the dealer brand.

Finally, when purchasing the security door, you should also pay attention to the "fam" mark of the security door, the name of the company, the implementation specification, etc. The door that conforms to the specification can be safe and reliable.

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