Modern villa interior decoration and generous comfort

Today's recommendation for everyone is a modern villa with retro style interior decoration. Unlike the usual modern villa interior decoration, this modern villa interior decoration is not the usual cold and easy feeling, but on the contrary it makes people feel warm and comfortable. The large style can not help but want a try in the house. Come and see it!

The light grey curved sofa in the living room, with a round coffee table, saves space utilization. The average coffee table is divided into four pieces, one of which is replaced with blue. Is it like a bite off cake?

The living room floor is lined with hemp carpets, dark grey sofas, striped sofas and zebra-print ottomans for a quiet and vibrant look. The old coffee table was used to add rich retro feeling to the living room.

The smooth walls of the bedroom, without any decoration, large glass windows, making the bedroom more open sight. The ground was covered with light gray-blue carpets, and the same coloured beds were chosen to respond. The golden lines added a sense of gorgeousness. Black beds, bedside tables and lamps add a calming touch to the bedroom.

The large glass windows make the light in the study more abundant. When people work and study hard, they can also look ahead and ease the fatigue of their eyes.

Bathrooms with larger spaces can be designed with double-sided bathroom cabinets. Bathroom mirrors also increase the sense of space. A dressing table is designed in the bathroom to facilitate makeup after the bath.

Edit summary:

Modern villa interior decoration due to space, you can fully display the talent of the designer. However, it is recommended that the decorators also pay attention to the shortcomings of large space and prevent the waste of large and empty spaces.

Villa decoration villa design

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