European style curtain fabric clean European curtain fabric matching skills

European style brings a grand feeling to people, so the European style has become a decoration style that many people like. The European style is often accompanied by luxurious European curtain fabrics. Next, we will learn about the European-style curtain fabric cleaning and European-style curtain fabric matching techniques.

European curtain fabric cleaning

1. It is best to perform vacuuming once a week, especially to remove dust from the fabric. If it gets stained, wipe it with a clean rag and wipe it from the outside of the stain to minimize the possibility of leaving a stain.

2. For European-style curtains made of velvet and other high-grade materials, it is best to get a dry cleaning shop and clean it with a professional cleaning method. If you clean yourself, you can wipe the curtains thoroughly with a rag and a neutral detergent, and then dry them with a clean cloth.

3, usually pay attention to clean the curtain frame, wipe it with a clean rag and then wipe it again, let it dry naturally, so that the overall appearance of the European style curtains gorgeous and beautiful.

European style curtain fabric matching skills

1, the overall color requirements

European-style curtains give a noble feeling, European-style curtains can be paired with noble furniture. If you want classic European style home improvement style, you can choose golden European style curtains, and then with Chinese style solid wood furniture, so that the whole family decoration looks even more grades.

2, black + white + gray: classic

Black, white, and gray are wild colors. If you like quaint European-style curtains, you can use black and gray as the main color, because black and white can create a strong visual effect, and furniture, you can choose Mediterranean-style furniture, this style The furniture looks very nice with the quaint European style curtains.

3, blue + orange: modern

European-style curtains can also be paired with blue and orange to give people a realistic and retro visual effect, which is very dynamic in the family and gives people a new vitality.

4, blue + white: warmth

European-style curtains with blue and white, can make the entire home more vitality, and blue curtains can create a quiet atmosphere, so blue curtains can be used in the study, bedroom, can make people's emotional stability, thinking more rational.

The above is related to the European curtain fabric cleaning and European curtain fabric matching skills, for everyone to make a reference! If you want to learn more about the relevant knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to Qijia information, the latter will continue to update more exciting content for everyone .

Curtain fabric curtains European style curtain fabric

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