note! Not all plastic products contain plasticizers. Not all plasticizers are toxic.

What is a plasticizer?
Plasticizer (plasticizer) is a kind of polymer material auxiliaries and also a kind of phthalate esters (PAEsphthalates) in environmental estrogen. The most common variety is DEHP (trade name DOP). DEHP chemical name di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, a colorless, odorless liquid, is a widely used polymer material auxiliaries in the industry, an important plastic auxiliaries for industrial polyvinyl chloride products, Widely used in people's lives, such as bags, garbage bags, infusion sets, breathing apparatus, children's toys, cosmetics, flooring and cling film. In the food and pharmaceutical industry, phthalate plasticizers may also be present in contact with materials such as industrial rubber tubes, rubber seals, gaskets, plastic containers, and bottled beverages and food bottle cap seals. The addition of this substance to the processing of polyvinyl chloride makes it flexible and easy to process, and can be legally used for industrial purposes.
Not all plastic products contain plasticizers!
Not all plastic products contain plasticizers, and plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyester, nylon, polyurethane, ABS, etc., which are common in daily life, do not need to be added during the production process. Plasticizers, they do not stick to the "plasticizer".
Not all plasticizers are toxic!
As far as the plasticizer itself is concerned, due to the variety of varieties, the toxicity of different varieties is also moderately toxic, low toxicity, slightly toxic, and non-toxic. Any container, tableware, packaging, and film that comes into contact with food should be produced with polyvinyl chloride. This kind of PVC must meet the national standard of health indicators, other additives, including plasticizers must also meet the national standards of health indicators, the use of them is safe, not the use of plasticizers are toxic.
Not all bosses use plasticizers!
Choosing safe plasticizers according to the use of plastic products is the basic principle of safe production of plastic products. It should also be the conscience of entrepreneurs. It is safe to use regular products produced by regular manufacturers and can be used with confidence.

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Main material: high manganese steel, chrome-manganese (Mn13, Mn13Cr2, Mn18, Mn18Cr2), Carbide

Casting Process: water glass sand casting and lost foam casting process

Adapt materials: river gravel, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz, diabase, iron ore, gold, copper, etc.

Applications: quarry gravel, concrete mixing station, dry mortar, desulfurization plant, quartz sand

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