The role of pesticide penetrants is crucial

Pesticides penetrants are a kind of professional auxiliaries in pesticide production. What role can pesticide penetrants play? Because many pesticides need to be diluted before use, it is necessary to add certain pesticide penetrants, which has synergistic effect. Penetrants are essential for the use of pesticides and directly affect the control of pesticides.

The role of pesticide penetrant

A large number of experiments have proved that the development and correct use of pesticide penetrants can significantly improve the efficacy and reduce costs. Penetrants are used in many fields, such as photo-permeable penetrants for textiles, penetrants for pesticides, and penetrants, which are essential for many processes. In terms of pesticides, the pesticide penetrant has obvious synergistic effect on the biological pesticide avermectin. After experiments, the concentration of the penetrant in avermectin is different, and the virulence of avermectin is different. The application of avermectin on cabbage leaves showed that the penetrants JFC-2, TX-10 and FP-T doubled the penetration time of avermectin.

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