Shandong Safety Net Impact Penetration Tester Operation Method

Safety net impact penetration test machine preparation before test
1. Put the test bench and control box in place, and connect the power supply of the electrical box and the power supply of the electric hoist.
2. Prepare test samples and place them in accordance with the standard requirements.
Safety net impact penetration tester operation steps
Safety net impact test:
1. Connect the electrical control box to the power supply.
Through the up and down buttons on the panel, the electromagnetic release device is lowered to the bottom, press the "release" to hang the test ball, press the "pull" lock, then press and hold the "up" button to lift, for safety reasons , Do not be too high, and follow-up operations do not stand under the test ball.
2. Place the sample in place:
The sample is tied around the (6m*3m) frame of the lower shelf by means of a tether around the sample. Note that when tethering, each tether should be stressed as evenly as possible.
3. Adjust the position of the test ball to the zero point of the test on the test network. Press the ← on the height meter and the height is zero. When the test ball reaches the set test height, the rise is automatically stopped.
(Test ball height setting method: Press and hold to release P1, press to enter the parameter setting state, for example, 01.200 is the height of 1.2 meters when prompted. Set the test height in combination with the key adjustment. Press the parameter to save the setting. Press until returning to measurement state. Please set other parameters when changing this parameter!!!)
(In the same way, the Fi parameter can be fine-tuned so that the meter's display value corresponds to the actual boost value!)
4. Press the "Release" button and the test ball falls instantly. A test is completed;
Observe the sample and record the result;
If you continue testing, repeat the above steps. If it is not necessary, turn off the power supply and make rain and protective measures for the corresponding devices.
Safety net penetration test:
1. Lower the electromagnetic release part by the electric hoist to a place where the test stick can be conveniently placed.
2. Use the electromagnetic release part to hang the test rod through the wire rope, and then press the “suction” button to pull the test rod. Then, the electromagnet release part along with the test rod will rise to the height of 1m from the center of the net through the electric hoist.
3. Click on the "Release" button and the test stick will fall freely in a free fall.
Check the condition of the tested sample, record the test result, and complete one test.
Safety Net Impact Penetration Tester Operation Precautions
1, the release device, power release, power off, is strictly prohibited in a long release state!
2. Pay attention to rain and snow protection of all devices, especially electrical parts.
3, test bench must be fixed firmly, test ball must be arranged below a soft sand test pit.
4, for the sake of safety, the test ball lifting stage, the operator is prohibited to stand under the test ball! It is forbidden to reach under the test stick during the test!
5. During the test, please don't let busy people wait and watch around the test stand.
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