Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic transmission, Dalan Hydraulic tells you

Compared with several transmission methods, what are the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic transmission? Dalan Hydraulics will tell you!
Compared with several transmission methods, what are the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic transmission? Dalan Hydraulics will tell you!

The advantages are as follows:

1. With air as the working medium, the working medium is relatively easy to obtain, and the used air is discharged to the atmosphere, which is convenient to handle, and it is not necessary to set the recovered fuel tank and pipeline compared with the hydraulic transmission.

2, because the viscosity of the air is very small (about one ten-thousandth of the viscosity of the hydraulic oil), its loss is also small, so it is convenient to concentrate gas supply, long-distance transportation. External leaks do not pollute the environment as much as hydraulic drives.

3. Compared with the hydraulic transmission, the pneumatic transmission has quick action, fast response, simple maintenance, clean working medium, and no deterioration of the medium.

4, the working environment adaptability, especially in the flammable, explosive, dusty, strong magnetic, radiation, vibration and other harsh working environment, superior to hydraulic, electronic, electrical control.

5, low cost, overload protection can be automatically protected.

The disadvantages are as follows:

1. Due to the compressibility of air, the working speed stability is slightly poor. However, the use of gas-liquid linkage device will get satisfactory results.

2, due to low working pressure (generally 0.31MPa), and because the structure size should not be too large, the total output force should not be greater than 10 ~ 40kN.

3. The noise is large, and the muffler should be added during high-speed exhaust.

4. The gas signal transmission speed in the pneumatic device is slower than the electron and light speed within the sound velocity. Therefore, the pneumatic control system should not be used in complex circuits with too many component stages.

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