What is the function of Guanlin smart lock?

Are you still fretting about forgetting your keys? Are you still angry at the thieves coming to your home? Now you don't have to worry about it. The emergence of smart locks completely solves these problems and brings more security to your family. Compared to traditional locks, it is too convenient and safe. Now basically use it. Next, we will introduce the function of Guanlin smart lock.

Guanlin smart lock function

1. Four kinds of unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, credit card, key

2. Two-way lock body: Two-way anti-theft lock body design, regardless of left and right inside and outside the door opening method, can be freely installed in any direction.

3. Channel function: unique security channel mode design.

4. Super B-class three-row beads anti-theft lock core: using a number of anti-theft technology, with anti-smashing, anti-drilling, anti-technical open function.

5. Anti-lock function: Lock the door lock by turning the anti-lock knob of the indoor panel to the horizontal position.

6. Automatic lock-down: Self-propelled lock body design, close the door automatically lock out, to prevent accidentally closed unclosed security risks.

7. Intelligent anti-peeping: randomly increase the garbled before and after the real password, as long as there is a continuous and correct password in the middle, you can unlock, effectively prevent others from peeping. (supports 20 virtual passwords)

8. Low pressure alarm: humanized low voltage alarm


9. Scientific wake-up mode: A one-touch switch or touch-sensitive button wakes up the combination lock.

10. Intelligent storage of fingerprints and door record: In addition to storing 150 fingerprints, it can also accumulate 750 open records.

11. Intelligent voice prompts: built-in voice operation prompts, male and female tones free to switch, the operation is more simple and easy to understand.

12. Micro-power consumption of energy-saving original: The battery pack has a recyclable charge, effectively reducing the number of battery replacement, green and environmental protection.

13. Automatic hibernation: Automatically enters hibernation within 7 seconds of no action.

The above is the function of Guanlin smart lock introduced for everyone, hoping to better help everyone understand the smart lock, to avoid mistakes in the use of smart locks, smart locks are really super easy to use. Can solve many problems. Thank you for reading!

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