The advantages and disadvantages of sleeping pillow pillows

Everyone has their own habits, which include the habit of sleeping pillows and pillows. Some people sleep must be pillows, and some people do not pillow pillows. In the end do you want to sleep pillow pillow? In the following along with Xiao Bian to look at the pros and cons of sleep pillow pillow analysis, by the way to find out if the baby sleep pillow pillow.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping pillows

1, the sleeping pillow is not the tip of the pillow

What are the benefits of sleeping pillows? It may not seem like a good thing, but there are still some benefits. That is, if you don't sleep on a pillow, you can correct the shape of the human body and the shape of the spine, but it is understood that this benefit is only suitable for sleeping on his back.

And this role is generally no advantage for adults, because adults are already mature, but for young people in the development stage is still beneficial.

2, do not sleep pillow pillow drawbacks

(1) It is known that sleeping pillows can easily cause cervical spondylosis if not sleeping pillows. According to related experts, pillow pillows cause the head to be lower than the heart when we are sleeping. More blood, affecting the head blood circulation, people wake up very easily feel dizzy and eyelid edema and other phenomena.

(2) In addition, physiologically speaking, sleeping pillows can maintain our physiological curvature. Because there are seven vertebrae in our body structure that are special, they are not simply vertically stacked, but rather oriented. And when we sleep on pillows, these 7 vertebrae will naturally form a sleek and forward-facing physiological arc. If we don't sleep pillows , this physiological curvature will not exist. In the long run, the human cervical spine will Will be hurt.

(3) There is also a benefit to sleeping pillows, which is to prevent stiff neck.

From the above pros and cons, we should still sleep pillows when we are sleeping. Then let's find out if the baby wants to sleep or not.

Baby sleep pillow pillow

1, newborns do not need a pillow

Because the newborn baby has a straight spine, when they are lying flat, the back and back of the head are on the same plane. If they give them a pillow, it is easy to form a head and neck bend, and then affect the baby. Breathing and swallowing, severe suffocation may also occur.

2, consider using a pillow after 1 year old

As babies grow day by day, their spine slowly bends back when they grow to 7-8 months, so consider buying a suitable pillow for your baby at this time. In general, baby pillows about 3cm high should be selected.

Conclusion: The above is the analysis of the pros and cons of Xiaobian B to everyone on the pros and cons of sleeping pillow pillows and whether the baby sleep pillow pillow or not, I believe we all understand after reading it. Of course, if you have any questions, you can leave us a message.

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