Ping An Campus Intelligent Upgrade Solution

The existing campus security system has long been unable to cope with the various types of theft that occur on the current campus. How to strengthen campus security management and protect the personal and property safety of schools and students is an urgent problem for the current education authorities.

Ping An Campus Intelligent Upgrade Solution

So how to effectively build the campus surveillance and anti-theft system, and save the resources and cost, let the old monitoring and anti-theft system to maximize the input-output ratio in the upgrade.
On the basis of new or original monitoring system, the traditional video surveillance system of passive defense can be upgraded to intelligent video identification, automatic alarm and remote controllable intelligent networked video by connecting the network video alarm of the enterprise through a network cable. The alarm system has added intelligent early warning function configuration to many important places such as school gates, perimeter walls, office corridors, finance rooms, and guards duty rooms, to achieve “intrusion alarm”, “lens abnormal alarm” and “off-the-job alarm”. 13 kinds of intelligent video analysis alarm functions, and realize two video service functions of “incoming and dropping summary” and “in and out statistics”, and can realize “zero false alarm” alarm function, “one button” alarm function and remote end linkage control and mobile phone. control function. It not only protects the investment of the original video surveillance system and alarm equipment, but also realizes that the whole system is upgraded from the after-the-fact tracking to the pre-existing prevention system, and only costs 3% of the original monitoring system.
Video alarm "first line" upgrade
In terms of the actual function of the specific program, the following aspects can be referred to:
First, set the “in and out summary” function in the school gate, office corridor, finance room, file archives and other places. When someone enters and exits, the system can automatically record the personnel access information and classify the files, and automatically filter out the unmanned access. Video
The second is to set up an “intrusion alarm” in important areas such as the perimeter of the school wall, the finance room, and the classroom. When a suspicious person crosses the school wall or invades the financial room or the defense area of ​​the classroom, the system will automatically alarm;
The third is to set up “off-the-job alarm” and “one-button alarm” in the school duty room. When the duty officer leaves the post or sleeps more than the system preset time, the system will automatically alarm.
In addition, when an emergency occurs, the attendant only needs to press any emergency button connected to the network, and the audio and video information of the alarm scene is automatically uploaded to the command center.
Design according to the application needs of the school

In addition, the education authority can also seamlessly connect with the video alarms of the schools in the provinces through the industry application management platform of the enterprise to realize the unified and centralized management of the video data of different video surveillance systems in each district school, and complete the schools. The video review, real-time supervision of the duty and the inquiry of the alarm information can timely discover the hidden dangers of the school and play a great role in strengthening the supervision of the campus and improving the security level.

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