How to deal with floating window seepage

Nowadays, many people install floating windows in the renovation of their houses. Bay windows can not only improve the aesthetics of homes, but also have practical value. Under long-term use, there will be water seepage problems. Almost all of the people will not deal with the seepage of seepage window, so let's find out how to deal with seepage of seepage window and what causes the seepage window to seep.

How to deal with floating window seepage

There are many reasons for water seepage in the floating window. If we have water seepage at home, most people may be totally helpless and look like they may not be able to think about waterproof when designing the bay window. When doing waterproofing, the water-repelling treatment at the interface between different materials is neglected. Now that the facades of the external walls are rich, the decorative lines are relatively large, and the temperature expansion coefficients of various materials are different, and without considering the waterproof treatment, cracks and water seepage can easily occur at the interface.

2. During the overall decoration of the bay window, the roof panels of the bay windows are not cast concrete at the same time. After the construction of the main body is completed, the bay windows are installed, resulting in a gap between the ceiling of the bay window and the main body. When the bay window side wall reinforced concrete partition wall is constructed, the concrete is not poured together with other exterior walls, but the side wall concrete is poured after the external wall is completed. Individual construction units did not cut the outer walls and did not pick up the pulp well. In addition, some management problems resulted in gaps between the concrete partition wall and the outer wall.

3. When we are decorating the bay window, we need to take the second lower collection surface. If it does not, it will lead to cracking and form a channel for seepage. The various materials used on the side wall are not durable to cause water seepage. Many designers do not pay attention to detailed design, such as the window sill slope, drip tray, wall tube and other parts of the waterproof structure, in the design of the simple. During the construction, the top of the bay window did not consider the flooding or the flooding slope is not enough, the sill slope is not enough, and the window top does not have an olecranon or a drip tray.

What causes the seepage window to seep?

1, outside the bay window may also appear empty phenomenon to form a reason for seepage window seepage, due to the width of the surrounding connection of the sealing material used is not good, rain along the window frame infiltration into the room. As a result, the interior wall surface was flaking off and moldy and black. The outside window frame was not sealed around the outside of the window frame, causing rainwater to seep into the room from the outside of the window sill under the influence of wind.

2. Because the quality of the selected seal material is very poor due to the poor quality of the sealing material, the deformation of the window cannot be blocked by the rain, so it slowly penetrates into the window. Initially, the design of the inner bay window was not well thought out. Only the waterproof at the intersection of the top of the bay window and the outer wall was considered, and the water-repellent treatment at the connection interface of different materials was neglected.

3, there is a reason to lead to seepage window seepage in the initial decoration Bay window construction, the decoration is not careful enough to ignore a lot of details on the lack of issues. The side wall reinforced concrete partition wall of the bay window is not casted with concrete together with other exterior walls. It is only after the outer wall is completed that the side wall concrete is poured.

Summary: The information on how to deal with seepage of seepage window and what causes the seepage of seepage window is introduced here. I hope this helps everyone. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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