G screw pump performance characteristics and operating precautions

【Pump network in Asia】 G-type screw pump is a new type of pump working according to the principle of positive displacement. For high-viscosity fluid delivery of 80% and transportation of hard suspended granular media or fiber-containing media, there are general types of pumps Can not be competent features. Shanghai Kai too pump produced by the G-type screw pump non-toxic tasteless consumption of rubber, the working temperature up to 120 ℃. G-type pump less pump parts, compact, small size, simple maintenance, simple structure, easy assembly and disassembly, very popular in the market. G-type screw pump performance characteristics and operating precautions G-type screw pump performance characteristics G-type screw pump internal flow rate is relatively low, so you can make the volume unchanged, the pressure is stable, the product will not appear vortex phenomenon. Because the stator is made of elastic material, the screw rod of the model can achieve the conveying function for the high viscosity, and the medium containing the hard medium suspended particles can also be conveyed. This is the effect that the general pump can not achieve. G screw pump rotation is mainly through the coupling directly to the transmission, or you can use high-speed motors, gearboxes and other devices to achieve the purpose of the shift. G-type screw pump has a variety of features, has fewer parts, the structure is very compact, looks very small, more convenient maintenance. The rotor and stator themselves are easily worn out parts, but the structure is simpler and easier to handle. G-type screw pump operation Notes 1, G-type screw pump must be determined before turning on the direction of operation, can not reverse operation. 2, in order to avoid damage to the electronics, can not be in the absence of media, let G-type screw pump to keep the empty operation. 3, the newly installed G-type screw pump, or stop a few days after the G-type screw pump, you can not immediately start, you should first pump to increase the amount of oil, and then use the pipe clamp to move a few times, this time can start up. 4, conveying medium with high viscosity or containing particles, you should first use the solvent to clean the interior, to prevent blockage, leading to the next start corresponding difficulties. 5, in the cold winter using G-type screw pump, the first fluid should be ruled out to prevent the occurrence of cracking phenomenon. 6, G-type screw pump during use will cause some damage, therefore, need to periodically add lubricating oil to the bearing box, bearing box if there is oil leakage, the need for timely replacement of oil seals. 7, G-type screw pump in the operation process, if there is an anomaly, you must immediately stop the inspection, troubleshooting can continue to operate. G-type screw pump with the general characteristics of the pump can not be competent, it is widely used in food and metallurgy, paper, printing and dyeing, chemical, fertilizer and other industrial use of the pharmaceutical sector. However, Shanghai Kai too pump reminds customers, before buying or using G-type screw pump, you must carefully understand the performance characteristics of G-type screw pump and operating precautions, so as to make the pump longer life. (Editor: Xiaoxia QQ:) Recommended reading: 2017 exhibition information

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