Small American style decoration features American style decoration tips

Nowadays, the style of decoration on the market is varied, and it is also popularized with the circulation of culture. Today we are introducing a small American-style decoration style. The United States is a country that advocates freedom. Decoration does not have too many artificial modifications and constraints. Has become a popular style of decoration in recent years, then what are the characteristics of a small American style ? What kind of decoration techniques are there?

Small American decoration style

1, the continuation of American style

It has continuity and specific similarities with tradition, such as innocence, naturalness, and full of individuality, such as simplicity, naturalness, and full of individuality. It is a traditional American reduced version, using solid wood furniture, reduced carving, arcs, etc. Decoration, using a straight line, solid color, rough style, better reflect the individuality, avoid stereotyped style.

2, personalized

It is a blend of modern elements, and therefore also unique personality, in this era of mass pursuit of unique, particularly loved by consumers.

3, show simple

We often say "Light decoration and heavy decoration. Therefore, furniture and accessories in the living room are a key part. It is necessary to have both American characteristics and unique personalities. Therefore, it is as simple as possible to reduce the wallpaper and wall. Surrounding categories, regardless of the walls, floors, doors and windows in light-colored, focusing on the late furniture and accessories with the effort.

American style decoration tips

1, the living room

This is the largest place in the house, and it is also a key hospitality area. Therefore, its arrangement should be carried out according to the principle of conciseness and fluency. To be bright and vivid, a large number of stone and wood finishes can be used to decorate; American has a history. Sense, then you can also use antique wall tiles, stone, in general, the American-style living room is spacious and historic.

2, kitchen

This is an area used to cook food. In this style of living room is usually an open design, then it will inevitably require a small partition and powerful and simple kitchen equipment, but also need to accommodate a spacious double door refrigerator and Sufficient operating surface.

3, study

This area is mainly used for work and reading. It should follow simple and practical guidelines. It can be enriched in the arrangement of accessories at the end of the period. It can reflect the owner's past life experience, such as curled old books and yellow-colored navigation maps. Oil paintings of rural landscapes, a quill pen, even if they are all jewelry, but also played a bonus.

Summary: The above is the characteristics of the small American decoration style Xiaobian brings to you today. I believe that my friends also have a certain understanding. We can refer to the small American decoration style . I hope this article will help you.

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