What are the feng shui problems in children's rooms? How to arrange a children's room?

With the rise of Chinese studies in recent years, traditional Feng Shui has also received attention. Regarding the decoration of children's rooms, there are also many feng shui taboos on the Internet. Feudal superstition is certainly not desirable, but the deep meaning of feng shui is only the unity of nature and man. Children are young and there are indeed many places to pay attention to when decorating homes. Today, Xiaobian is going to give you a list of some children's room decoration feng shui taboos that seem to be mysterious and mysterious.

Taboo 1: The location of the children's room. Keep your child's room facing south as far as possible, and be able to get in touch with the sun. Be careful not to get away from large mechanical and electrical equipment and electrical appliances. For example, don't let your child's room be next to the elevator car, power distribution cabinet, etc. The suffocation caused by these things will be harmful to the children. influences.
In fact, these devices and functions are noisy, away from these areas, in order to allow children to grow up healthily.
Taboo 2: The color of the children's room. If you can combine the child's numerology and five elements of jealousy to decorate the color better. At the same time, the main color of the entire room should not use too dark, too glaring colors, easy to make children irritated and irritable. For children, simple, fresh colors are most suitable, and the sky is clear, so the ceilings and walls should not have complicated patterns or colors, and milky white is appropriate.

Color can affect people's emotions and affect children more sensitively. Choosing the right color helps your child's personality develop.

Taboo 3: The layout of the children's room. In the children's room, it is too complicated to decorate and decorate as much as possible. It is simple and clean, especially the room area is relatively small.
(1) The furniture in the children's room is simple and practical, and the bed should not be too big. When placing, try not to let the wind outside the window and outside the door blow directly to the child, especially the room is transparent. It is necessary to pay attention to the home with a relatively large wind. The bed should not be placed on the air duct, or it can be blocked by closing the window and curtains. Wait for adjustments.
(2) Don't hang or set up some weird toys or ornaments in your child's room. Don't post strange and messy colors and decorative wallpapers and patterns on the walls. It is easy to make children's temperament erratic.
(3) Minimize the sound of toys or accessories, such as wind chimes, brass bells and other things that will make their own sounds at night, which will affect the growth of children. Children's rooms try to reduce the number of toy weapons and some violent, ugly and violent characters in the cartoons. If the children like to play, they must be stored in time.
(4) The furniture in the children's room is best to be rounded and curved. Try not to set or reduce glass products, mirrors, etc. in the room, and do not lay carpet in the children's room.

Children are naughty and curious, and have a strong desire for knowledge. If there are too many decorations in a child's room, it is not only easy to be destroyed but also a potential safety hazard. Parents must pay attention.

Taboo 4: Lighting for children's rooms. Children's rooms should not be used too bright or too dark, the light should be soft, try to use the lampshade, so that it is not too glaring when looking directly. At the same time, please note that some children are timid and afraid of black, you can set a gentle night light.
Light is important for the development of children's vision, and children who are just separated from their parents will be afraid, and reasonable lighting arrangements are important.

Taboo 5: The problem that school-age children should pay attention to. As the child grows up, start to go to school and do homework, so pay attention to the placement of the desk. Don’t let the child sit back to the door. It’s easy to be restless, especially when you are sitting from a young age. Concentrate, it is difficult to concentrate.

Back to the door, the curious children will be attracted by the sound outside the door, unable to concentrate, and it is important to arrange the desk position reasonably.
Are these feng shui taboos remembered by everyone? Starting from the details, paying attention to the growth of children, is the focus of children's room decoration. More details on the decoration are welcome to pay attention to GO Jiaju .

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