Come to Shenzhen International Furniture Fair to feel the attitude of home design

Come to Shenzhen International Furniture Fair to feel the attitude of home design

2017 Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and 32th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, the first time in March 4-22, in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Halls 4 and 5, the “DESIGN Climbing Ladder” exhibition was launched for the first time. This is a new original design. And the big party!

In March, the collection of furniture, belaDESIGN original design, three-point water culture creativity, grado, MARIO TSAI STUDIO, Craft+, moiminjia, HYM, WEIS poetry, wood MORETHAN, URBANCRAFT, body TIWU, Pick time tells, etc. Original design brands and original design studios will gather at Shenzhen International Furniture Fair to deliver their own voice for high-quality original design power.

This is a group of creative new original brands. Their design works perfectly fit the modern people's current and future lifestyles, from small activities to everyday household items. They all reflect the nuances of home life. The seemingly careless design details are actually hidden. Unlimited fun. At the same time, their emergence also shows a completely different operational thinking and business model for the traditional furniture industry.

This is a group of designers who have a pursuit and attitude. Their focus is not only on the design of the product's shape, but also on the three-in-one way of conveying the product design to the customer through the "achievable process, visual communication, and sensible experience", so that these high quality and unique The furniture or home products of the design language accompany the people who have the pursuit and taste in life, and have a fulfilling and beautiful time. It also makes the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair not only the furniture exhibition, but the future Shenzhen housing exhibition.

They set sail with a determination to change the industry and look at the design from a new perspective. They firmly believe that being creative and having excellent quality is the spirit that furniture manufacturing needs to adhere to. They insist on originality and have a story design.

Grado : stick to innovation, pursue quality, love design

Grado's products are based on the needs of space, and are good at cross-border use. The same product can be used in different spaces to play its role and better serve the space. Grado's products emphasize the design of structure and detail, elegant and lively coexistence, adding another fun to the space.

Grado hopes that each product has its own unique story behind it. This story can convey grado's persistence in innovation, the pursuit of quality and the love of design. This is also the pursuit and love of all designers of Shenzhen International Furniture Fair. The rich single items and random collocations provide users with plenty of creative space.


Years old collection: create a feeling of furniture

The way to set up the old age is to live in contemporary life and explore the artistic life. We are willing to put a pleasant sympathy and a combination of pure and self-contained aesthetic factors into the space object, and complete each piece with the heart of the artisan. Years old, representing the self-sufficiency of the material accumulated in the time fiber, the essence of beauty; Yue, is a calm and pleasant pleasure in the merger of the space.

We use the heart of artisans to create each piece of work, hoping to inherit the long-term, and present the essence of furniture under the precipitation of time, let people feel the ultimate texture of the material itself - to create a feeling of furniture for the audience. The age set will allow people to see a sentimental Shenzhen International Furniture Fair.

HYM: Create a fashionable, young vinyl culture brand with sophisticated thinking

HYM is the original vinyl audio brand under the music, aiming to create a new music lifestyle, from hearing, vision to the whole space, through the unique vinyl experience, becoming the way of modern urban emotional catharsis, pursuing high quality life. The beginning. With Taiwan's top design team, it links the essence of different cultures to accommodate the illusion and demand of everyone for the music experience.

Three-point water culture creativity: Integrating oriental traditional crafts into contemporary design

The three-point water culture creativity was co-founded by designer Lin Yimin and craftsman Huang Pinxin. The design works perfectly combine oriental craftsmanship with modern design. Three Point Water is committed to the development of a series of daily necessities based on craft materials, including bamboo, jade, glass and other contemporary products.

His work "Firecracker Chandelier" appeared in Milan International Home Show in 2011, and immediately appeared on the headlines of international design media such as "INTERNI" and "DESIGNNET", which will be displayed live at the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair.

Jane: "Returning to simplify, while resting in shape"

The idea of ​​“returning to simplifying and restoring shape” as the brand of the simple end is the pursuit of form and spirit, and also the exploration of lifestyle. 'Returning' is to respect nature and focus on inheritance. Explore the combination of simple and qualitative materials and heritage. 'Reduction' is the elegance of Jane's fascination, and it is not a reduction; it is a form of expression and a manifestation of life attitude. Elegant but not simple, complicated and not messy.

Jane is more like a life attitude, reflecting a way of life, whether it is preferring elegance or meticulousness and persistence, and insisting on perfecting every detail. Elegant but not simple, complicated but not messy. In the middle of restraint, seek for high quality.

INYAED : Together with the occupants, "the home of dreams"

INYARD's name comes from the reorganization of the initials of "A Room IN Your Dream", just like the original design furniture that is personalized, customizable and allows you to reassemble and match.

INYARD, a changer who changes the way people buy furniture. It cuts into the furniture and home e-commerce field with a unique and innovative business model, breaking the limitations of traditional customization and providing a new and quantifiable model. As a modular original furniture brand designed by Global Design and China, INYARD focuses on the common growth of the home environment and residents in five to ten years. INYARD is the home of dreams for you at this year's Shenzhen International Furniture Fair.

Moiminjia : design, not just creation

Moiminjia, moi (hello) is the first greeting in Finnish good friends when they meet each other. The pronunciation is short and friendly. As Moiminjia founder Wang Yujia said, "If the design can talk, I hope that is a short and natural "hello", for you and me, for life."

Her design is not only about creation, but through reconstruction to reconstruct the relationship between people and things. She hopes that her design can be the most natural and insignificant greeting for every day.



URBANCRAFT : Shanghai style design

Shanghai emerged internationally in the 1920s and 1930s, and the East and West cultures blended here. People can experience Western architecture, opera, food, etc., as well as enjoy the local customs of Shanghai. The cultures collide with each other and become one faction, presenting a style of Shanghai that is different from other international cities. URBANCRAFT expects to have its own brand declaration as in this unique era, and speak for itself at the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair.


belaDESIGN was originally designed: use the heart to do the design

Originally designed, the emphasis is on the design of the heart, purely using the material itself, to restore the original intention of the design. Using natural textures to outline patterns and shapes, pure beauty is born, and creativity is naturally revealed. The original intention of the original design is also the original heart of the founder Zhang Fei: good design, no matter how many years in the past, you still like it when you first saw it.

“We believe that we can inject ideas and emotions into our products through design, and make our products “life.” We believe that through our design, you will be more happy when using products.” At Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, you can experience every product that they design with care.


Orange House: Simple design, simple life

Orange House, a bamboo lifestyle designer brand, advocates a simple and natural new lifestyle. Taking bamboo as the main element and taking the family as the object of creation, we adhere to the principle of “respecting nature and making the best use of everything” and creating a bamboo house with “light and elegant, simple and practical” and a little Zen.

Orange House successfully combines Oriental Zen aesthetics with contemporary minimalism. With the concept of “Let most people enjoy good design”, it has become the representative of Chinese original designer brands. Minimalism with oriental elements will be the dominant design that Orange House brings to the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair.

Pick time tells : design is not limited

The independent designer Party Xinyu and Xiao Q were established in 2015. They do not want to be limited to a certain material or a certain style. According to the design ideas, the independent product line is divided into two systems: “Jiye” and “QICITA”. .

Juyi's design ideas focus on the atmosphere of Chinese culture, balancing functional and cultural furniture and household products. QICITA uses more materials, the design language will be more abundant, and also has more experimental elements. The free application of various materials and styles brings more innovative designs to the products. At this furniture exhibition, the works brought by this young cutting-edge studio are worth looking forward to.

WEIS Poetry: The Design of the Object Combining Humanistic Thoughts

WEIS poetry, focusing on the design and development of sensory creative aesthetic products that integrate life thinking. Relying on design innovation as the driving force, its products have rich life thoughts and artistic styles. The color is simple and fresh, full of spirituality, bringing more agility to the upcoming Shenzhen International Furniture Fair.

The brand promotes Jane's oriental style and spirit, and focuses on creating a "living artifact of humanistic thinking". Its works combine traditional elements with modern style to create the characteristics of modern classical beauty, advocating objects to resonate through spiritual beauty, bringing users a Creative home furnishings under a series of local cultures.

Silent Road: Oriental Elegant Design

The silent, the heights are not cold. Adhering to the international design thinking and the oriental life philosophy, the company believes in creating refined and elegant home products with modern orientality. Through the integrated spatial thinking mode, the furniture, lighting colors, ornaments and paintings are unified.

MORETHAN on wood: design each solid wood product with heart

MORETHAN focuses on the use of Internet means to create the optimal path for the furniture industry from forest to family, minimizing intermediate links; maximizing resource utilization by integrating design, raw materials, factories and other resources to achieve optimal use. Cost to create high-quality solid wood furniture, to create a better life of fine wood for the public. MORETHAN on wood understands the design, use and texture of wood; it is designed to sculpt every piece of solid wood furniture. The design of the heart is also the most heart-felt experience brought by every designer at Shenzhen International Furniture Fair.

Pick up design : enjoy the fun of nature design

"Picking up" believes that furniture should not be revolutionized like other things, it retains the traditional skills, and then uses the way of perception into the current life, and then develops the aesthetics of "pick up". "Pickup" focuses on the sincerity of craftsmanship, leaving the design to the original intimacy. Tables and chairs pay attention to the quality of nature, the pursuit of styling is extremely clean, against the singularity and skill, leaving the largest room for each piece of work, people do not feel that they are full of it, no effort.

In the process of using appreciation, the comfort, time, and joy are picked up and involved in the natural change, and the process of picking up is the heart and the fun of "pick up".

Body TIWU: Discover the poetry of life

Founded in 2015 by independent designer Zhao Yun, the home brand “Physical TIWU” is dedicated to creating quality lamps and home accessories for those who love home life.

"Physical" is to reverse the cold "object" to emphasize the "body" from cognition to creation, to enjoy this behavior process, to discover the poetry of life with the least change, with the least change. Discover the poetry of life. With the sense of body and body, the body will bring the latest design concept to people at the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair.

In å…®: shape, simplicity, and clarity

With the basic design and production concept of “simplification of work and simplicity”, the brand strives to integrate traditional Chinese literati furniture into today's contemporary life, and this is the original heart of founder Dai Xuefeng.

Through the shackles, further breaking through the gap between the cultural appeals of furniture and functionalism, and gradually tending toward the "heart and mind" of the object. And respect for life will be the eternal theme of "being awkward". Through each product

Philosophy: Spreading New Oriental Values

ZENS is able to interpret the wisdom of contemporary oriental life through its insights and perceptual insights into everyday artifacts. It is expressed in daily artifacts, allowing each user to have their own unique culture. Experience and life experience.

At the same time, it takes the innovative design of modern daily necessities as the shape, carries the wisdom of life in the East, and strives to carry forward the oriental lifestyle. Through the platform of Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, the “New Oriental” values ​​are spread to the world.

Home to Home: Rustic Life Aesthetics

Zhijia Home Ziihome is committed to providing furniture, home textiles and grocery products for modern families who love the simplicity of life. The family believes that the main body of the family is the person living in it, and the furniture is more like a setting and atmosphere. Therefore, the family has always advocated “the communicator who makes the simple life aesthetics”.

The home design team has absorbed designers from four different fields of architectural design, furniture design, industrial design and home textile design. By combining the understanding of the pursuit of life in China's younger generation, the home products are better interpreted as “home, one A natural, comfortable brand appeal.

If you love design and quality of life, you must not miss the 2017 Shenzhen Home Design Week and the 32nd Shenzhen International Furniture Fair “DESIGN Climbing Ladder” exhibition. March 19-22, 2017, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Hall 4 & Hall 5, with original design works of temperature, waiting to bring you an attitude lifestyle!

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