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Opal Furniture News, Wujinmu is gradually sought after this year, of course, this is inseparable from its own characteristics, Wujinmu texture is clear and large, and black, very natural and stretched, made into a table that natural There is a taste of skill. It is therefore considered to be ebony. The Wujin wood pattern is beautiful and natural, and its hardness is also good. It is very suitable for making furniture.


Advantages of Wujinmu

It is said that Wujinmu is the top material for medium and high-grade furniture. Its natural wood color, gold and black curves are in front of you, the color is eye-catching and very fluid, and any one of the cut surfaces can clearly express the beauty of wood grain. Moreover, Wujinmu has a low material extraction rate, hard wood and difficult processing. Therefore, every product made with Wujinmu is full of strong natural atmosphere. In addition to the beautiful texture, in fact, Wujinmu furniture has many advantages, but it is still the reason for consumers to put it down. For example, the wooden structure of Wujinmu is also very good. As long as you use a hand to rub a weight, you will find that Wujinmu is much heavier than other woods, and the hardness and density of this wood are high. Because of its natural gas content, Wujinmu can often make a sense of leisure, so the short leisure table and chair used for leisure atmosphere is often its long term.


The shortcomings of Wujinmu also have fatal shortcomings. The change of water content makes it easy to deform and crack, and it can't adapt to the environment of too cold or overheating, dry and humid. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to avoiding the environment of too cold or overheating to avoid damage to the wood. Moreover, the production of Wujinmu furniture is very difficult, and it often bursts on its own during drying and processing.


After reading the articles that Xiaobian brought to you, I believe that the little friends must have a good understanding of the characteristics of Wujinmu, and more information is available in the furniture .

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