How is the quality of the good wardrobe?

There is no shortage of well-known brands in the wardrobe market, and many friends are still very concerned about the brand when buying, because relatively speaking, the well-known wardrobe brand is more secure. As a well-known brand in the custom furniture industry, the good Lai Ke wardrobe has won the praise of consumers. Is the good wardrobe of the good Lai Ke good? How about the quality of the good wardrobe? Let's take a look at it with


Hao Laike overall wardrobe business background

Guangzhou Hao Laike Creative Home Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hao Laike) constantly strives to carry out the whole wardrobe category. The industry is leading the concept of “integrated wardrobe”, adhering to the professional and focused entity concept, and integrating the trend of European fashion home from time to time into the Chinese market. It is one of the leading brands that lead the development of China's overall wardrobe.

Hao Laike's wardrobe is positioned as the “outdoor wardrobe leader”. From time to time, Hao Laike has obtained a number of technical patents through technical research and development, and the quality of the center hardware components of the pulleys of the products has reached the international leading standards; dozens of models are launched every year. The new products that represent the latest trends in the industry and the trend of the industry, with a common taste and artistic charm, create a warm and comfortable home space for consumers, and become the vane of the industry.

Hao Laike overall wardrobe production strength

Hao Laike wardrobe is strictly in accordance with the international and domestic panel furniture enterprises to implement the standard production, the introduction of imported modern production equipment, first-class technical team; from the enterprise scope, or software and hardware equipment, have shown the strength of the modern wardrobe brand enterprises . Sothto products include the whole wardrobe, combination bookcase, cloakroom, partition door, matching furniture and other panel series; all products have reached the European E1 environmental protection specifications. The pursuit of endless achievements in the future. In the face of a new day, the good Lai Ke wardrobe will be based on the management philosophy of “quality comes from details, attitude determines everything”.

After years of development and innovation, Haolaike wardrobe products have a variety of different styles, cover all price levels, and constitute their own brand features product system. The company will continue to uphold and adhere to the "three most" concept (ie: product style design system is the most abundant, the most price coverage, the most cost-effective) from time to time innovation and change. Nearly 700 specialty stores have been established in more than 300 large and medium-sized cities across the country. The channel range and brand influence have remained the first among peers. The good wardrobe has become the leader of the overall wardrobe.


Environmentally friendly sheet, Ankang life

The main information of the board as a whole wardrobe is closely related to the health of the consumer. The panels selected for the good Lai Kee wardrobe are tested by the National Building Materials Testing Center every year and reach the E1 specification. In order to meet the higher environmental protection requirements, the original manufacturers of UNILINDECOR and PFLEIDERER from Germany bought the copyright of the Chinese region. Originally imported English white oak, English yellow oak and Juya, Grimm fairy tale and other plates, the formaldehyde emission was far superior to the test. E1 level specification (test results are 0.3mg/L).

Hao Laike launched deep relief veneer sheet

Hao Laike has also launched an industry innovation – deep relief veneer sheet. Different from ordinary embossed veneer, the weight of deep embossed single melamine overlay paper is increased from 90g/sheet to 110g/sheet. It has high brightness, more wear resistance and scratch resistance. The appearance is close to the original of solid wood furniture. The texture brings a warm and natural feeling of life.

Hao Laike has always been committed to the development of the overall wardrobe field. The industry has taken the lead in proposing the concept of “integrated wardrobe”, adhering to the concept of professional dedication and integrating the trend of European fashion home into the Chinese market. It is one of the leading brands leading the development of China's overall wardrobe.


The above is a good wardrobe for everyone to introduce the good wardrobe, and you want to know more about the information can pay attention to our official website.

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