Which material is better for the wardrobe?

Furniture wardrobe, go Jiaxiao.com believes that it is actually based on personal economic strength and preference, but when choosing wardrobe plates, the most basic principles are: one environmental protection, two beautiful, three services; and now there are many types of plates, Solid wood board, toothed board, particle board, particle board, etc., share the experience of Gojiaju.com when purchasing wardrobe sheets.


Solid wood board:
Solid wood panels are made of complete wood. The materials are taken from natural trees. There is no concern about environmental pollution, but the price is relatively high. The production and construction process requirements are high. For example, buy wardrobes in Beijing. If you do not require brands, then You can consider custom solid wood wardrobes around Beijing. When you purchase, you should pay attention to knowing and have certain experience in solid wood processing.
Tooth plate:
It is made up of multiple pieces of wood strips in the longitudinal direction and the transverse direction, and is cold-pressed and spliced, that is, the integrated board. Compared with the process of solid wood board, there is more glue in the process of processing. In the process of processing, the toothed board does not use urea-formaldehyde glue, but white latex, so it can be safely protected. When choosing a toothed plate, pay attention to the purchase from a regular business, and you need to check the corresponding timber qualification certificate.


Shavings board (particle board):
It is a kind of artificial board which is made by cutting raw materials such as wood into pieces of certain specifications, dried and mixed with adhesive, hardener and waterproofing agent at a certain temperature. In terms of environmental protection, the amount of glue used in the production process Quite a few, the level of environmental protection is relatively high.
MDF (fiberboard):
It is made of lignocellulosic resin or other plant fiber and is made of urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive. The standard for domestic high-density board is lower than the international standard, because it needs to pay more attention when choosing. Choose a MDF with a large brand and a certified manufacturer.
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