Scale pine furniture is rising strongly

As people's concept of environmentally friendly consumption has become stronger, has learned that many consumers pay more attention to product quality and environmental performance. The scale pine furniture we are going to introduce today uses Russian imported Pinus sylvestris var. A hardware brand DTC, the surface of the use of finger joints, to minimize harmful gas hazards, green and environmentally friendly, the family commonly used pine wood quality flower scale scale furniture types.


The scale pine furniture is in a natural and simple style. The handle is grooved and the quality is reliable. The plate, the price is moderate, the lines are smooth, cater to the consumer's consumption orientation, pure solid wood manufacturing, keeping the natural color of the wood clear and natural. According to Xiaobian, there are many types of furniture. The main types are restaurant furniture, bedroom furniture, living room. Furniture, study furniture, etc., youth bedroom, study furniture, infant furniture, etc. In addition, the commonly used pine wood flower stands, shoe racks, wine cabinets, partition cabinets, etc. are also popular. Adolescent bedrooms, study furniture, etc., the surface coating is made of matt nitrocellulose lacquer, and the demand for pine furniture products is increasing. At present, the main types of "scale" pine furniture are restaurant furniture, so they are favored and partition cabinets are also popular. Welcome, wine cabinet, furniture surface without metal traces, complete functions, structure removable and so on.

The scale pine furniture is the leading brand of Chinese pine furniture production enterprises. It is made of 100% pure solid wood and is the furniture brand with the highest solid wood content in modern furniture. Scale pine furniture has fixed sales points throughout the country.


Scale pine furniture - advantages

The scale pine furniture is made of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica and New Zealand pine. It is derived from Russia. Pine furniture has small thrift, small oil content, soft color, clear and beautiful texture, simple and elegant shape, full and smooth lines, elasticity and breathability. Maintenance and other advantages. Pine furniture is the cheapest in solid wood furniture, so the choice of scale pine furniture is to choose a healthy and environmentally friendly quality of life.

Scale pine furniture - price scale pine furniture is affordable, the same style of furniture, it is half the price of other solid wood furniture. Consumers can shop around, you will find that scale pine furniture can be regarded as furniture tops in style, material and design, but the price is half of other brands, affordable, worth buying!
Scale pine furniture - word-of-mouth scale pine furniture is one of the top ten brands of Chinese pine furniture. Due to its fine workmanship and natural materials, it was rated as the first furniture brand in the national pine furniture evaluation in 2008-2009. . Consumers favor the scale pine furniture, feel satisfied after purchasing and recommending friends and relatives to buy, many repeat customers.
Scale pine furniture - maintenance

Of course, good furniture should be maintained regularly so that it can always bring convenience to our lives. First, use a soft cloth damp the spray to wipe along the texture of the wood grain; secondly, put the mat under the hot plate to prevent the food soup from overflowing and damaging the tabletop; finally try to avoid contact with corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish, etc.


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