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Cabinets, wardrobes, etc. are all common household items in the home. They have a variety of materials. Which material should be chosen? It is difficult to have a unified answer to this question. The existence of each material has its own reasons, and the selection is also determined by many factors. Today we are talking about baking lacquer board and giving you an option. The lacquer board is a kind of woodworking material. It is based on density board as the substrate, the surface after six to nine times grinding (not the same number of different manufacturers, the greater the number of times the higher the process requirements, the higher the cost), on the primer, drying, polishing (three bases , two sides, one light) baked from high temperature. Mainly used for cabinets, doors and so on. Paint board can be divided into light, matte and metal paint three. At present there are the latest carving paint board, Newcastle home paint board and so on.
Paint plate advantages

☆ smooth face, beautiful color

In the current market, paint bookcases, wardrobes and other furniture are very common. Then use it to make cabinets must also have his uniqueness. The surface of the paint plate is polished, so the surface finish is very high, and the mirror effect is also very good. The cabinet produced by the plate is bright and full of extravagance. Bring a strong visual impact.

☆ Durable and easy to clean

In life, we found that many paint cabinets did not do edge sealing work, which also saved consumers a part of the cost. After the surface coating of the paint plate is cured, the stability, durability, weather resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance and hardness of the coating are all increased, and the cabinets produced therefrom are durable. Its surface is also very easy to clean, non-oily, and does not fade. Formally because of these unique features. There will be so many consumers who are more and more interested in him.

Paint plate production process

★ First of all, we have to prepare the raw materials, that is, fiberboard. The appearance of the fiberboard looks like the texture is not very delicate. This is also an afterthought, after all, it is the crushed wood standing station. Of course, if you look at the ugly raw materials, they will be the same after processing. As the saying goes, there are no ugly women, only lazy women. It is the same on plates. Before we paint, we have to carry out the first process, which is to clean the surface of the sheet and to apply "bottom liquid".

★ Clean the dust and other debris on the top of the wood, keep it smooth without burrs, and do not have oil stains. Otherwise, it will not be attached when it is painted. Secondly, using sandpaper for precise grinding is also a purpose to ensure that the surface is flat. If there is a depression in the process, putty must be used for inlaying. There must be shellac paint for sealing. Then apply the oil powder, just like the base liquid, and only apply the oil powder evenly, so as to lay a solid foundation for “makeup”.

★ The next step naturally is the spraying process. This process is a test of craftsmanship. If it is made by hand, it is necessary to carry out uniform spraying, the process must be slow, keep at a constant speed, the first time after spraying, to putty, and then the second time, repeat the appeal step, general spraying three All right, if it is a machine spraying, you do not need to pay attention to the appeal. After the treatment is finished, high-temperature baking is performed to set the shape, which requires professional baking equipment.

Paint plate paint plate cabinets

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Plate Type Teflon Heater

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