What happened when smc FRP water tank leaked? Daily maintenance and precautions

FRP tanks are ideal for water storage facilities for public life, fire protection and industrial water. FRP tanks are currently new types of tanks used internationally. The following small series for everyone to introduce smc FRP water tank leakage and daily maintenance and precautions related knowledge.

What happened when smc FRP water tank leaked?

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish where the FRP water tank is leaking, and the general problems are mainly concentrated on the joints of the plates, plates and plates, the four corners, and the plugging area.

1, if the sheet is leaking, indicating that there is a problem with the quality of the sheet, which is to find manufacturers to replace or return;

2, if the plate and the plate joints leak, indicating that the middle strip is not clamped or the bolt is not tight, the solution is to tighten the bolt (tight);

3, if the four corners and plugging leakage, indicating that the strip is not put or plugging the wrong direction, the solution is to remove the plugging, and then put some plastic strips, reinstall it on the line.

4, if it is winter, then see if it is leaking. FRP water tanks will not freeze under normal use. It is because: The water in the FRP tanks is used and updated every day, and the FRP water tanks are insulated.

The service life of FRP water tanks is generally more than 20 years, but we have also heard many people talk about the fact that Smc FRP fire water tanks were used only for about 5 years and they cracked and leaked water, causing the elevators to be flooded and the goods to be soaked in water. This is inextricably linked to the selection of the manufacturers and the manufacturing process. Therefore, Beizhou Zhongxing Water Tanks reminds users to select regular manufacturers when purchasing water tanks, so as to avoid buying inferior water tanks and causing unnecessary troubles.

Precautions for routine maintenance and maintenance of prefabricated fiberglass tanks:

1. Assembled FRP water tank is designed and manufactured for storing normal temperature drinking water. Please do not store hot water and other liquids (chemicals, petroleum, etc.)

2. On-site construction: Before the construction, please install the stay according to the basic requirements. Provide construction power supply and check seal water.

3, to avoid using the fire next to the water tank: When welding operations, take protective measures, do not make Mars splash tank board.

4. Prevent contaminants from flowing into the tank from the outside: For the convenience and safety of maintenance inspection, there must be a certain space around the tank. 5, FRP molded veneer not to touch the sharp corner, do not use tools and other hard things beat.

6. In order to prevent the expansion, contraction, partial load and shock resistance of the pipe, the water inlet and outlet pipes of the assembly type FRP tank must use the rubber winding street (expansion joint). The weight of the pipe should be supported and not acted on the water tank.

7. Preparation of pre-sterile tools for high-prepared FRP tanks: work clothes, brooms, nylon brushes, shovels, water, bactericidal drugs, safety lighting, water pumps, blowers, masks, and glasses. In the process of cleaning the water tank, the sterilizers must wear eye protection glasses and masks. If they feel uncomfortable in the water tank, cause dizziness, sore eyes, nausea, and tightness, they must immediately leave the pool and rinse their eyes with fresh water to breathe fresh air. Recoverable. In addition to sundries and clearing, first use a shovel to shovel the silt and various deposits in the pool, then use a broom or nylon brush to scrub from the top of the prefabricated fiberglass tank—the walls around it—in the bottom of the high-tech glass tank. . After brushing, rinse with water as a whole and drain the sewage.

What about the leakage of the smc glass steel tank? The relevant knowledge of daily maintenance and precautions is introduced here and I hope to be helpful to everyone. Want to know more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Qi family information.

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