How much do you know about wall painting?

In recent years, wall paintings have been very popular. Diversified and personalized design styles have allowed the wall paintings to keep warm in the decoration market. Wall paintings not only have various patterns to choose from, but everyone can also Your works or favorite pictures are displayed in your own home space, so your personal space will have more personal features. Your own home must decorate the city's favorite style. This is also an important feature of the wall painting . Today Xiao Bian also collected a lot of information to let everyone know about the wall painting in all directions. The text will also have the relevant price of wall painting. We can also make a reference.

First, what is the wall painting

Wall painting, also known as wall paintings, wall murals, is generally drawn using environmentally-friendly, quick-drying acrylic paints. The art of wall painting is a kind of decoration product. Nowadays, it is used as a decorative art form frequently used in the decoration of homes and public spaces and other spaces.

Wall paintings are painted with acrylic paints, water-based, environmentally friendly. Acrylic pigment is a new type of paint pigment that is a mixture of chemical synthetic latex and color particles. Acrylic pigments appeared in the 1960s. Experiments have shown that it has many advantages over other pigments: it is a flexible film after drying, it is sturdy and wear-resistant, it is water-resistant, it is resistant to corrosion, it resists natural aging, it does not fade, it does not degrade, and it does not paint. Reflective, easy to wash after painting, suitable for frame painting, indoor and outdoor murals and so on. It can be piled up one after the other to create a heavy feeling; it can also be added with powder and the right amount of water, covering the overlap with paintings similar to gouache, with rich and clear picture layers; such as adding a lot of water in the paint can produce watercolor, The effect of meticulous brushwork is to bake and stain layers of paint, push the halo, penetrate the stack, and the effect is pure and transparent.

Second, the wall painting prices

An important topic that many customers consult with wall painting is the wall painting price. The price of wall painting is generally determined based on the degree of difficulty and squareness of the image theme. Let's take a look at the relevant knowledge of wall painting.

The price of wall painting is determined by the complexity of the painting pattern and the painted area. Each customer requires different patterns to be drawn, so the price is difficult to unite. The specific price will be based on your drawing requirements. The designer will give you the final price. The following wall painting prices are for reference only.

1, Japan and South Korea cartoon animation wall painting prices: 300----400 yuan / square meter

Bringing romantic tastes In many women's minds, cute Japanese and Korean comics are often the best examples of romantic dreams. Today, it is not impossible to move all this into the home. Simply decorating homes and walls with pink colors also seems to lack something. A gentle sketch, an umbrella or small animal pattern that is adorned, will make the wall vivid.

2, the fashion plant vine wall painting prices: monochrome 160--280 yuan / square meters of multi-color 260--360 / square meters

The hand-painted plant pattern is probably the most popular wall hand-painted pattern this year. This style emphasizes the use of exaggerated colors and lines to express, such as a variety of slightly exaggerated flowers, black more eye-catching, there is a distinctive effect. On the screen, it pays attention to layering, elegant and slightly feminine.

3, Meticulous, oil painting, realistic art wall color painting prices: Monochromatic hook line class 300----500/ square meter color rendering class 500-900/ square meter

Passing European luxury is not at home with gold wallpaper or "resplendent." Those who understand taste can move the murals to the mansion, angels, portraits, or historical allusions. They paint a few walls in the villa, and even the ceiling does not let off. In this style, one emphasizes more. Atmospheric sensation, with realistic portrait paintings and complex backgrounds to express creativity, will bring space into the feeling. This style is the most complex. Most of the people selected are villa owners or art lovers. They can be used in conjunction with wallpapers. The colors are also mainly gold, silver or dark, and they are also the longest.

Third, the wall painting application scope

1, home decoration

The wall is dotted. Such as conference rooms, exhibition halls, bedroom, ceiling ceilings, bathroom tiles, door frames, entrances, and especially video wall applications. According to the structure of the home design pattern design and direction. The paint used for painting is non-toxic and can be drawn after your stay. Make your home decoration unique and full of personality.

2, store decoration

It can be designed and hand-drawn for restaurants, clothing boutiques, chain stores, etc. that are in operation. Chain stores can design a unified wall-painting logo.

3, street, community appearance image

The exterior wall of the real estate company is neat, and the school and kindergarten are beautified.

Wall painting has a unique ability to adapt to the scene. Regardless of the decoration style, a fresco can be designed to enhance the finishing touch in the place where there is a need for wallpaper decoration.

Fourth, wall painting case appreciation

Xiaobian conclusion: After reading so much information about the wall painting , we learned more about the wall painting . If you don't know what kind of pattern to choose, it's best to consult the wall painter or related. Institutions, various kinds of atlases and cases are available for everyone to choose. The price information on wall paintings in the text can also be used as a reference. The specific price information should also be based on the construction party's quotation. For more information, please continue to follow this site.

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