Rusal Claims Replacement of Creditor's Rights to Solve Aluminum's Debt Problem is a Possible Strategy

Russia’s Alcoa’s CEO said that aluminum production has declined, but the increase in aluminum sales is due to rising prices, which is about 30% this year. This is RUSAL's cooperation with Chinese partners to discuss a supply-demand balance strategy so that businesses can make profits.

Therefore, some merchants want to restart the closed aluminum plant, but this is not desirable. This year, the continuous increase in the price of crude oil and fuel and the increase in the price of renminbi also led to an increase in the price of coal, which is mainly used as a raw material for power generation. As soon as the cost of aluminum has definitely increased, and the burning of coal mine fuel is a major source of environmental pollution, it is still hoped that Chinese manufacturers will not restart the closed aluminum plant, but will make more use of the new industry. At the same time, debt is also a serious problem. Although many domestic companies are profitable, they are still unable to repay their debts. This is not conducive to economic development. They believe that debt replacement is a viable strategy to solve the debt problem.

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