Change a good chair or change a good company

Xiao Bian as a game player who started playing games from the age of ten, graduated from college and entered the Internet industry, "the day will leave the computer will die." Xingren, the degree of strain on the shoulders and the curvature of the spine are so serious that old Chinese medicine shook his head, plaster, massage, Big Health has already tried five or six rounds. The solution given by Western Medicine's brother is unusually simple and brutal: painkillers. Finally relieved a little, even after five days of work and back pain, how to sit is uncomfortable. Xiao Bian thinks, well, it must be a problem with the chair I sit on. First, Xiao Bian needs to determine what features a good computer chair needs to have.
An armrest can be adjusted. When you lean backwards, the armrests will move backwards, and the armrests will match the angle of your hand. If the handrail is fixed on the seat cushion, it is your hand to move the handrail. Of course, if you've been typing on the desk, it doesn't matter where the handrail is. Unfortunately, Xiao Bian opened a treasure, and the so-called "ergonomic chairs," "office fits and rests," "office classics, durable models," and "racing computer chairs" basically did not meet this requirement.
Two lumbar support to really hold your waist we can not maintain an upright straight seated position for eight hours a day, no backrest no one can eat. However, if the lumbar support is not good, you will be very difficult to sit up and the force distribution is unreasonable. Even some of the chair's lumbar support is not right, so don't call it lumbar support. Specifically, everyone should try it out and try to make your lumbar spine relax and comfortable. In addition, the firmness of the lumbar support must also be considered. If you can adjust yourself, don't hesitate to save money.
Three chair back tilt design reasonable tilt force affected by the weight of people, heavy people very easy to rely on the end, even Xiao Bian saw the thin man back and forth by the light of a real concussion. Therefore, the design of bearing weight and elastic strength of the seat back is very important. Xiaobei's backrest on the back of a chair was nothing like this, and he sat down as if he was going to lie down. The result I never dared to rely on was that I chose to bow back and ugly to ugliness, at least safely. (to this is Xiao Bian broken chair)
Four cushion breathable Most of the computer chair seats we see are mesh-like, convenient and breathable. But in fact the cushion needs more ventilation. The female colleague always complained that the long hours work and the buttocks were sitting flat. They were all sitting flat. We wouldn't let it be so stuffy. In addition, the cushion's elasticity and so on should also be considered comprehensively. However, this can be solved by adding seat cushions to them. Then we take a look at the top rated computer chair. Each of the white-collar workers strongly recommends Aeron of Herman Miller on the Internet, claiming that it is comfortable to be tailor-made for everyone. Its subsequent upgraded version of the embody is known as the pinnacle of today. However, the price of an Aeron of 10,000 yuan is indeed a pain for people, that is, the world's top IT companies such as Facebook, as well as the domestic hammer technology will give each employee a 10,000 yuan chair.

Also recommended is Okamura's Contessa. The height adjustment and backrest buttons are designed to be conveniently under two armrests. Its backrest design is also very personal. The quote is similar to Aeron.
If you want to sit comfortably and want to keep a proper distance with your computer, keyboard, or mouse, and you don't want to consider the problem of collocation between tables and chairs, then you have this choice.
Or consider another table that can be raised and lowered. For this I can only say that everything depends on the fullness of the wallet. To change equipment, such things still have to apply to the boss. Of course, if you are a true warrior, you can also change the company that offers good chairs.

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