Performance difference between chamber filter press and plate and frame filter press

The difference in performance between the chamber filter press and the plate and frame filter press lies in the efficiency and filtration quality. What we compare here is their premise of having the same effective filter area. We specifically deduce their respective strengths to illustrate their differences in performance.
Box filter press advantages:
1. The low price of the chamber type pressure filter is generally lower than the price of the frame filter press.
2. The chamber filter press has stable performance and is hard to wear. Generally, it takes one year longer than the frame filter press.
3. The automatic filter press modified from the van filter press will be more unified and unified, and it will be promoted with future intelligentization.
4, more effective protection of filter cloth, so that its service life is better and longer, automatic cleaning is more convenient. However, it is worth mentioning that the replacement of the filter cloth by the chamber filter press is more complicated.
5. When the filter plate is replaced, the standard is uniform and no special arrangement is required.
Frame filter press advantages:
1. The filter quality of the plate and frame filter press is higher, and the filter cake can be back-washed twice, making the filter cake higher in purity.
2. Compared with the chamber type filter press, the filtration space is larger, the filtration efficiency is higher, and the number is faster.
3. It is more convenient and quick to replace the filter cloth, effectively providing the usage rate and improving the filtering efficiency.
4, long cycle time, the same size of the filter plate, frame filter press storage space more filter cake, the gap cycle time is longer. If the same volume of mixed liquid is filtered, the chamber filter press has a cycle ratio of 4:3 in the frame filter press. This is the biggest feature of the frame filter press. It is also the reason for its higher price.
5, weight than the van filter press light, easy to transport and move.

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