Intelligent Community Security System Application Summary

With the improvement of living standards, people have made higher demands on living conditions, and the importance of security monitoring systems for residential quarters is getting more and more attention. The intelligent home security monitoring system integrates anti-theft, anti-robbery, fire prevention, anti-gas leakage and other functions into one, automatically alarms whenever it is unexpected, takes preventive measures, and becomes the patron saint of home security.

First, closed-circuit security monitoring system

The closed-circuit security monitoring system, as one of the monitoring and information means of the security status of the work area, combines the internal intercom system and the public broadcasting system to echo each other, which can reduce the work intensity of management personnel and improve management quality and management efficiency. The closed-circuit security monitoring system is a powerful auxiliary tool for modern security. It transmits video images or dangerous signals from various sites on site to the main control center and sub-management room. On-duty managers can objectively All regions conducted centralized surveillance and found that the situation was uniformly mobilized to guide evacuation, which saved a large number of patrolling personnel. A small number of people could avoid many human factors and ensure that the properly handled programs were implemented in the shortest time.

Second, the intrusion alarm system

The intrusion alarm system is generally composed of a network camera, a monitoring host, and a searchlight. The system adopts fuzzy control technology to effectively avoid the impact of small animals, sundries, and snowstorms on the alarm, and at the same time guarantees an immediate alarm for illegal overturning of larger objects and people. When the network camera detects the intrusion signal, it alarms the residential property alarm center. The alarm center monitors the host to open the relevant area searchlight, issues an alarm siren, starts recording, and the monitoring host dynamically displays the alarm area. The receiving center can monitor the computer to pop up the electronic map.

Third, smart home security system

Mainly home burglar alarm system, it is composed of security center management host, home alarm, sensors, network servers. The entry points are mainly doors and windows. The sensors are deployed in important locations and areas of the family, allowing the owners to live in a safer and more comfortable environment. All kinds of sensors are introduced as follows: window magnetic, magnetic switch, gas leak alarm, smoke alarm, emergency button and other security systems are used in the home, in each home owner's home equipped with infrared sensors, magnetic window magnetic switch, Smoke detectors, emergency alarm buttons, etc. Each entrance to the unit is equipped with a host computer at the entrance, and a set of management hosts is set up at the security center. When a guest visits, press the outdoor button or the room number of the respondent, and the room indoor unit will send a ringing tone. At the same time, the screen of the indoor unit will automatically turn on, displaying the image of the visitor and the outdoor situation. The owner and the guest will Talk about the call, confirm the identity through the indoor extension of the unlock key remote control electric gate to allow guests to enter, the guests enter the gate, the door automatically closed.

In addition, through cell networking, centralized security alarm management can be implemented for all users who install home security monitoring systems in the entire cell. Each family's security monitoring system can send alarm signals to the management center through the bus. The management personnel can confirm the location and type of the alarm. At the same time, the monitoring host also displays some information related to the occupants for the security personnel to perform in a timely and correct manner. Answer the alarm.

Fourth, peripheral defense system

The perimeter fence alarm system mainly monitors the surrounding conditions of buildings and prevents illegal intrusion. It is the first line of defense for the anti-theft alarm systems and is also a very important line of defense. Perimeter protection sensors can be detected as soon as the intruder enters the zone and alert him before he or she approaches the protected person and protected property. An effective outdoor security system can be used as a return on equipment investment by reducing the risk of theft and reducing damage and personal injury.

All in all, in short, security monitoring system is an important part of the intelligent residential community. Its monitoring system adopts real-time monitoring and layer defense for key areas of the community. Let the owner live in an invisible security net. It is safe and humanized, so that the intelligent residential community has a full range of security.

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