What is a wide dynamic camera?

The wide dynamic camera technology is a technique that allows the camera to see the characteristics of the image under very strong contrast.

When a high-luminance area illuminated by a strong light source (daylight, lamps, or reflection, etc.) and an area with a relatively low relative brightness such as shadow and backlight are simultaneously present in the image, a bright area of ​​the image output by the camera will appear white due to overexposure. The dark area becomes black due to underexposure, which seriously affects the image quality. The performance of the camera in the brightest and dark areas in the same scene is limited. This limitation is usually referred to as the "dynamic range."

The “dynamic range” in the broad sense refers to the range of possible changes of a changed thing, that is, the area between the lowest end pole and the highest end pole of the change value. The description of this area is generally between the highest point and the lowest point. Difference. This is a very widely used concept. When talking about the camera's captured image indicators, the general "dynamic range" refers to the camera's ability to adapt to the scene's light reflection in the shooting scene, specifically the brightness (contrast) and color temperature (contrast) ) The range of changes.

A wide dynamic camera is more than a dozen times larger than a camera with a traditional 3:1 dynamic range. Natural light ranges from 120,000 Lux to 0.00035 Lux at night. When the camera looks out of the window from the room, the indoor illumination is 100 Lux, while the outside scenery may have an illumination of 10,000 Lux. The contrast is 10,000/100=100:1. This contrast can be easily seen by the human eye because the human eye can handle a 1000:1 contrast ratio. However, processing it with traditional closed-circuit surveillance cameras can be very problematic. Traditional cameras have only a 3:1 contrast performance. They can only choose to use 1/60 second electronic shutters to obtain the correct exposure of indoor targets, but outdoor images It will be cleared (all white); alternatively, the camera will select 1/6000 second to get the perfect exposure of the outdoor image, but the indoor image will be cleared (all black). This is a long-standing defect since the camera was invented.

Modern transportation requires modern traffic management. It is necessary to establish a modern intelligent traffic command and control system to solve the congestion and congestion of major road sections and intersections in the city, reduce accidents and violations of regulations. At the same time, it is also of great significance to improve the image of the city and promote the civilization and development of the city. The overall goal of system design is to use road monitoring to implement traffic flow and traffic operation monitoring, implement real-time traffic control on key road sections, detect various anomalies timely and take emergency measures to ensure that the roads operate at high speed, safely and effectively, and improve modern life. Traffic level. According to the actual needs of current traffic monitoring, controllable cameras or fixed cameras are generally installed at key locations such as traffic intersections, stations, commercial areas, and highway toll gates. After analyzing the special requirements of road monitoring, this paper focuses on road monitoring cameras. The selection design made some suggestions.

Stainless steel tube is a hollow round steel tube, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, machinery and instruments and other industrial pipes and mechanical structural components. In addition, bending, torsional strength of the same, lighter, so it is widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures.Stainless steel Seamless Pipe production process:  a. Round  pipe preparation; b. Heating; c. Hot punch; d. Cutting head;  e. Pickling; f. Grinding; g. Lubrication; h. Cold rolling process; i. Degreasing; j. Solution heat treatment; k. Straightening; l. Pipe cutting; m. Pickling; n. Product testing.

Product:Stainless Steel Pipe
Materials: 321.304.304L.316.316L
Thickness: 2mm-50mm.
Crafts: Hot-Rolled, Cold Drawn, Thermal Expansion, ERW, LSAW...
Connection: Welding,Threaded.
Package:  Paint, Anti-rust oil, Canvas Packaging, According to customer requirements.
Brand Name: HY 
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) 
Certification: API 5L.ISO.UKS.SGS.BV 
Application: Chemical, Water, Oil and gas, Electricity
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