The characteristics of the third generation infrared light source

small volume

Since the LED-Array is a highly integrated LED, the integrated volume of the 60 LED light crystals is only the size of the fingernail. The optical output of a single LED is 5mw~15mw, and the optical output of an LEDArray can reach at least 1000mw. Because LED-Arrays are highly integrated LEDs, they are much smaller than other products. Obviously, the small size makes it easier to use and also simplifies the cost.

High Brightness

It will encapsulate dozens of high-efficiency and high-powered wafers on a flat surface with innovative semiconductor technology. It is equipped with a good heat-conducting device, and the electro-optic conversion rate is more than 25%, which is 100 times that of a conventional single LED lamp. Obviously, the higher the brightness, the farther the light is irradiating, so the level of brightness determines the distance the light irradiates. Due to the high brightness of the LED array, this lays a good foundation for the application of mid-range and long distance infrared cameras.

long life

The life of ordinary LED products is generally 6000 hours, and the life of LED-Array is 50,000 hours. Therefore, its service life is 9 times that of ordinary LED lamps. An ordinary LED infrared camera is a LED light tube and a camera placed in a cavity, the heat of the LED tube can not be effectively distributed through the PCB board, the temperature rise has seriously hampered the service life of the CCD camera. Usually after 3 months of use, signs of aging begin to appear: blurred images, whitish, lack of contrast, etc., directly affect the use of the camera, and even make the camera useless. The special package of the LED-Array lamp allows the heat dissipation performance to be good, and there is no significant attenuation of light in 2 to 3 years, so the service life is long.

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