Integrated wiring project can not be ignored

Although the jumper is only a small role in the overall cabling project, if the jumper cannot match the integrated cabling system, it will affect the smoothness of the entire network. Nanjing Weikang twisted pair manufacturers tell you that there are also five types of jumpers and six types of jumpers. Therefore, five types of jumpers should be used in the five types of integrated wiring systems, and six kinds of jumpers should be used in the six types of integrated wiring systems. Jumper specifications are matched to the overall system.

In the whole channel of the integrated wiring, from the switch to the final site, the most vulnerable link should be the connector part, and the connection part is often the performance point with the worst performance. The jumpers are exactly in the entire loop. They are in the position where the energy of the transmitted signal is the strongest and the energy of the incoming signal is the weakest. The reason why they are in such a position is that the twisted pair twisted structure of the twisted pair is broken and then squeezed in a small space, and the pairs are crossed or bridged with each other, pushing the joints in parallel and passing the pressure. Connecting the tool, fixing the wire also destroys the metal structure, which brings about changes in the impedance and affects the return loss.

Almost all manufacturers hope that the cabling system has a longer life cycle than the network equipment to meet the bandwidth requirements of the network application. However, the use of the jumper is repetitive, and how can it be maintained after the winding is repeated? Because of the performance, the use of jumpers is also not negligible in the entire wiring system, and sometimes even has a decisive influence. Therefore, the use of jumpers should be selected and certified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, it cannot be guaranteed that it matches the cabling system and achieves channel performance.

In the integrated wiring system, whether it is the use of jumpers, or other small links, the choice of screws should be cautious, not sloppy, but can not use quality and performance products that do not match, which is also from the perspective of ensuring the smoothness of the entire network. Only by selecting some quality-assured and rigorously tested products can we reduce network failures, gain greater throughput, and have a higher overall cabling system margin. Sometimes, the smaller the link, the more important the small steps cannot be ignored.

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