Home alarm system performance!

Home alarms currently have circuit breakers and infrared alarms. Commonly used circuit breakers are door bumps, window bumps, etc. They generally have a reed switch and alarm circuit board on the fixed side, and a small magnet on the other side. When the door and window are closed, the reed switch and the small magnet are closed. It is close together. The magnet attracts the contacts of the reed switch. At this time, the alarm circuit board does not work. Once the door and window are opened and the magnet is separated from the reed switch, the alarm circuit board will immediately start the alarm. This type of alarm is simple in structure, inexpensive, and easy to install.

In the market, there are still hidden security nets that also belong to the disconnecting alarm. The security net is actually a connection, and if any one place is cut off, it will alarm immediately. But what should be raised is that if the thief gets a little bit of knowledge, this thing will soon become a waste. Therefore, this hidden security network is not recommended.

Infrared alarm is currently used in the home more, his working principle is as follows:

The infrared alarm system is generally composed of a host, an infrared detector, a wireless door magnet, and a wireless remote controller. Also

Optional detection sensor with other functions. The system can generally use postal and local telephones and mobile phones to transmit alarm signals.

In the areas that need to be monitored, wireless (wired) infrared detectors and wireless magnetic sensors are used to connect the alarm device to the outside of the telephone. The telephone and mobile phone number are set on the host computer, and alarm sounds are pre-recorded (for example, a thief is found at home. Call the property quickly!)

When the alarm is in the “arming” state, if a thief enters the surveillance area, the alarm will immediately sound and automatically dial the set phone number and mobile number. You can immediately hear “the thief was found at home and quickly report to the property! The alarm sounds.

Infrared alarm system is generally equipped with a host, an infrared detector, a wireless magnetic door, 2 wireless remote control, if you need to increase the infrared detector, wireless magnetic door you need to buy another.

At present, there are a lot of infrared alarm devices on the market, and the prices are high or low, and the performance is not the same. After I visited more than 10 homes, I chose the HT-110B-6 alarm device manufactured by Hongtai Science and Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. of Fujian Quanzhou. The reason for choosing the company's products is that the products passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and passed the national CCC product quality certification. Generally, the quality of products that can be certified by these two authorities is guaranteed.

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