LED display installation steps

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LED display installation is a meticulous and rigorous work, which is very important for the display system to display properly. The following small series will explain the installation steps of the LED display through the graphic.

LED display

1. First splicing the cut profiles, that is, assembling the outer frame of the display. The general profiles on the market are nothing but square or round, but the assembly method is the same.

2, the outer frame is assembled, the unit board is placed in the frame (note the front and back of the frame, the grooved side is the front), at this time the position of the installation of the back strip is quite accurate, avoiding the wrong one and changing all Trouble.

3. After the back strip is fixed, remove the frame and install the magnet.

4. Fix the unit board.

5. Connect the cable and the upper and lower power cables.

6, fixed the power and control card.

7, power supply and unit board wiring, pay attention to the positive and negative, it is recommended to use SVV2 ​​* 1.0 soft core wire, which is 1 square double strand soft core wire.

8, control card and unit board cable connection (especially important), please carefully read before connecting, the screen is not fixed to the wall, this is the most critical step, you can first check the screen installation through the test button.

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