How to open the room channel lock failure

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Before we introduce how to open the room channel lock failure, let us explain some knowledge about the channel lock. People can find from time to time that some public places evacuation passages and emergency exits are often iron lock doors. The situation will bring unpredictable losses to people's lives and property. According to the spirit of the “Implementation Opinions of the State Administration of Work Safety on the Specialized Management of Safe Exits for Fire Safety Evacuation Channels in Personnel-intensive Sites” (Jingfa [2003] No. 4), the summary and summary of channel locks should have the following functions: Advanced door lock system for opening, evacuation guidance, fire prevention, anti-theft and linkage with automatic fire and security systems.
How to open the room channel lock failure
Public access channel lock
1: Beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable structure (significantly reduced maintenance).
2: Emergency evacuation access door, no need to lock and open, can be burglar-proof and free to enter and exit, providing 24 hours a day of security protection.
3: Suitable for any emergency access door, safety exit door, fire door, escape door, fire exit door.
4: Applicable to controlling the flow of people, preventing unauthorized departures and preventing theft, so that the building complies with the building legislation requirements of the emergency exit passage device.
5: When the push bar door is opened, the siren will sound until it is manually cancelled.
6: Can be used with other security equipment.
7: Can send corresponding alarm voice prompt according to the corresponding alarm button.
8: You can choose the following according to your choice: double door, alarm controller, smoke detector, etc.
How to open the room channel lock failure
1. Open it with a tool such as pliers, but it will take a lot of effort. If you are not sure, you can only use the second method.
2. Find a locksmith to help open.

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