How to choose lighting selection lighting attention three errors

The style of decoration depends to a large extent on the lighting fixtures. The lighting market has been blossomed from constituent materials to lighting fixtures, and colorful fixtures flash in front of consumers. The types of lamps have also evolved from ordinary fluorescent lamps to various types of pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, spotlights, long lamps, and table lamps. Therefore, the selection of lamps and lanterns has also become a specialization. What are the three major errors in selecting lighting ? Today we will come together to learn about the three major misunderstandings related to the selection of lighting .

Select lighting attention to the three errors 1, the light source should also be divided into some

People think that if there is a bright enough light in the room, then the light will be turned on no matter what it is. In addition to lighting, lamps can also function as a function of division. For example, when watching television, only a small spotlight can be turned on; when eating, they can only turn on the light of the dining table. Reading newspapers and reading newspapers, choosing lamps and table lamps, and turning on the lights in the kitchen can't replace the lights on the console. It's like the top light in the study is bright and bright again, and it can't replace the lights on the desk. The lights are hanging high. , it is easy to have projection. In places where the operator's workplace is used, adequate lighting must be considered.

Select lighting note three errors 2, cold light source may not be suitable for the bathroom

Many people think that the bathroom must be a cold light source to be clean, but it is not. Cold light sources, such as fluorescent lamps, ring lamps, etc., are often used by people in the bathroom and kitchen lighting. They do not know that such bright light is most likely to make dust in the world, even if it is a bit of water stains on the tiles, are also clearly visible.

Instead, it is better to put a yellow light top light on the top of the bathroom, and then install a clean and bright cold light lamp just above the stage or sink for easy operation. This not only facilitates washing, but also can pass light and darkness of the light beam. For comparison, let us ignore those places that are occasionally dusty, thus highlighting the cleanliness and quietness in the bathroom.

Three major misunderstandings for lighting selections. 3. Chandeliers “different from top to bottom”

The chandelier on the market is roughly divided into two types, one is a light source for upward illumination, and the other is a light source for downward illumination. The former is the first to hit the light to the roof, and then reflected off the roof; the latter is the direct light to the ground, more common. So, is it possible to choose whatever you like? of course not. If the room itself is not flat and the putty is rough, then put on a chandeliers that illuminate the light source upwards. The result is definitely 'self-defeating.'

At this time, what is needed is to weaken the people's attention to the top. In this way, downlighting the chandeliers that illuminate the light source is the most appropriate choice. In addition, if the ceiling is very complicated, and then the light itself is also fragmented, it is not appropriate to select the upward light source, when the light reflected from the ceiling again, it will appear too messy.

On the selection of lighting attention to the three major errors , I introduced this, and I hope to help you, more decoration information, all in this site, so stay tuned.

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