Kitchen and bathroom show a composite trend

“Next year, the diversification, personalization and differentiation of kitchen and bathroom products will be further deepened. At the same time, the market demand of consumers for environmental protection and refined life will lead the products to develop in a more human and healthy direction.” In an interview recently, Many people in the kitchen and toilet industry told reporters. {TodayHot} Allegedly, market demand is the decisive factor in the direction of product development. In 2007, the leading direction of kitchen and bathroom products will be more refined in style, function, material application and brand building. The kitchen and bathroom market will set off a new trend of simplicity and exquisiteness.

Kitchen and bathroom space combination to cater for small units

If the developer's 70% of the commercial housing must be built as a small apartment of less than 90 square meters, this "new policy" is a big shock for all walks of life related to home decoration, then the first to be affected is the kitchen and bathroom industry. . {HotTag}

The industry believes that in order to cater to small-sized housing, kitchen and bathroom space will show a composite trend. “More and more small-sized, well-decorated real estate projects will have a profound impact on market demand. The mainstream area and size of small-sized kitchens and bathrooms have a direct impact on the design, function and placement of kitchen and bathroom products.”

“Because the kitchen and bathroom area are limited and the space is limited, some functions of the kitchen will be separated. For example, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. will be removed from the kitchen and placed in a space with the restaurant. The bathroom space will also present a new pattern, the sink may Will be placed separately outside the bathroom, the washing machine will be placed more on the balcony, to achieve washing and drying integration." The reporter learned that with the improvement of people's quality of life requirements, the Chinese family's kitchen will put every space in the future All of them are used, and kitchen garbage will be sorted out. In the future, there will be classified garbage bins in the cabinets.

Product refinement meets market demand

Today, the whole kitchen and the whole bathroom are gradually popularized. The kitchen and bathroom products have their own trend changes from materials, functions to design. The high-tech, new technology and new product concepts are constantly updated and subverted, making the kitchen and bathroom rooms not only satisfied with simplicity. The use of functions has become a direct manifestation of the quality of home life.

“In 2007, the development trend of the overall kitchen was still based on simple design. “At present, China's household consumption habits are still mainly influenced by European minimalist design, and the price of this simple design is more acceptable to ordinary people. General Manager Wang Chunjun said that the integration of appropriate luxury elements into the simplicity will be a major trend in the future of high-end kitchen products. Paint, engraving, embellishment, new plates, etc. will be personalized and different. "new weapons" for chemical products.

In addition, the general manager of the Oriental State Tai Song Guoxiang also believes that more and more user-friendly design also allows the product to develop in a more refined direction. “For example, hardware accessories will play a greater role in kitchen products. Cabinet doors will be more hand-free. When the hand is dirty, the door will automatically open when the door is touched. The damping mute technology will also be widely promoted.” He believes that in the future, the products will be more and more "exquisite" on the details, and the cabinet products will even make a full article on the mezzanine lights and storage compartments.

Health and environmental protection will become the dominant standard

Although health and environmental protection is already a common problem, this part of 2007 is still the focus of consumers. Green, healthy vocabulary has become the gold medal for more and more products.

Industry insiders predict that in 2007, brand manufacturing companies will increase research and development efforts in materials, and the use of natural environmentally friendly materials will increase. Black and white monochromatic high-gloss materials and PVC high-gloss films will continue to be popular, while the kitchen and bathroom industry will continue to be popular. The relevant departments have mandated that the products produced by the company meet environmental protection requirements or use E1 standard plates.

“80% of people will consider environmental issues when buying cabinets. If the products are well done in environmental protection, they will often be more expensive.” People buy kitchen and bathroom products that prefer healthy and harmless products, so they are healthy. Environmentally-friendly cabinets are the mainstream of next year. It is precisely this way that branded cabinets with quality assurance will occupy an increasingly important position, which will encourage more powerful enterprises to follow the brand management, consumers' quality of life. The pursuit of and the enhancement of brand awareness will force enterprises to upgrade the professional level of production, circulation and service, which means that some small brands will disappear.

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