Ultra-thin jack application notes

Super-thin jack note a) When using, if there is a phenomenon of idle, you can first loosen the drain screw on the pump body, then the pump body vertical up and head down to play a few empty, and then tighten the drain screw, wait until With a sense of strength, you can continue to use it.

b) Do not remove the quick connector when there is a load, so as to avoid accidents and damage to the parts.

c) This machine uses oil as the medium. The maintenance work of the oil and the machine must be done to avoid blocking or oil leakage and affect the use effect.

d) New or long-term hydraulic jacks, due to the presence of more air in the cylinder, the piston rod may appear a slight snap phenomenon when it is used, and the hydraulic jack can be inverted and reciprocated 2-3 times with no load. Remove air from the chamber. Long idle jacks, due to the seal does not work for a long time caused by the hardening of the seal, thereby affecting the service life of the hydraulic jack, so when the hydraulic jack is not in use, the monthly hydraulic jack reciprocating 2-3 times .

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