What are the advantages of wall wallpaper?

With the improvement of living standards, more and more attention is paid to the decoration of the house. Now that most people decorate the wall is not only a white wall, they will choose to add a layer of wallpaper on the white wall. Today, Xiao Bian gave everyone a share of the common materials on wall wallpapers and what are the advantages of it. Let's take a look!

First, what are the common materials of wall wallpaper ?

1, mica film wallpaper

Mica is a citrate crystal, so this product is elegant and glossy. It has good electrical insulation and high safety factor. It is beautiful and practical, and families with small children are very fond of it. Recommended places: public places, sofa backgrounds, living room TV backgrounds, etc.

2, wood fiber wallpaper wood fiber wallpaper environmental protection, breathability is the best, the longest service life. The surface is flexible, soundproof, heat-insulating, heat-insulating and soft and comfortable. Non-toxic, harmless, no odor, breathable, and stable paper, ready to scrub. Recommended places: master bedroom and so on.

3, pure paper wallpaper with paper as the substrate, after embossing after printing, natural, comfortable, no smell, good environmental protection, strong air permeability. Because it is paper, it has a very good color effect, suitable for dyeing a variety of bright colors and even brushstrokes. Long-lasting paper products may appear slightly yellowish. Recommended places: children's rooms and so on.

4, non-woven wallpaper to pure non-woven wallpaper as the substrate, the surface of water-based printing ink coated with special materials, after special processing, with sound absorption, deformation and other advantages, and a strong breathing performance. Because it's very thin, it's very easy to build and it's perfect for young people who like DIY. Recommended crowd: young people.

Second, what are the advantages of wall wallpaper ?

1, pure color

When we choose to paint on the wall, in the tinting of the wall paint, there will inevitably be a slight color difference, and the hue painted on the wall is often not completely consistent with the original idea. The hue of the wallpaper will always be pure, because there will be no change in the color of the wallpaper from the purchase to the wall, and there is no need to worry about chromatic aberration.

2, health and environmental protection

Latex paint is mainly composed of water, base material (emulsion), pigment and filler. Many ingredients will produce harmful chemicals when exposed to air for a long time, and latex paint will release formaldehyde gas. The wallpaper generally consists of three parts, paper base and ink are two of them, and the other part depends on the classification of the wallpaper material. From the composition point of view, the degree of harm to the human body wallpaper is far less than latex paint. (There are three kinds of harmful substances in the wallpaper, namely formaldehyde, heavy metals, and vinyl chloride monomers, which may still harm human health.)

3, long service life

The use of advanced wallpapers for craftsmanship results in better materials and longer life.

4. The construction speed is fast and clean: It will be difficult to remove some stains on the painted wall surface, and it is difficult to remove. However, if the glue is accidentally spilled onto the skirting board or the window frame when we paste the wallpaper, we usually use wet cloth or it is The sponge can be quickly removed.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is the small editor to share the common materials on the wall wallpaper and what it has all the advantages of the whole content, and hope to read after everyone can help! If you still want to learn more about the decoration of knowledge and tips, you can continue to pay attention to our website!

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