Do you think that the wall is nothing but paint and wallpaper?

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Some friends said that if they don't want to make wallpapers, what should they do? Today, Xiaobian sums up the wall decoration several tricks, and you look at the official hoist paintings.

First, "hanging pictures"

The color of the style of the frame also needs to pay more attention. If your home is simple, it is not suitable for the exaggerated picture frame of complex colors.

Second, "art articles"

The Mirror can also exert unexpected effects~ Like this thick blingbling mirror refracting the radiance of the crystal lamp, gorgeous and domineering, the local tyrants got it?

Third, "storage articles"

The tree-shaped bookshelves contain a lot of books, and they have become the scenery on the wall.

Fourth, "creative articles"

For the nostalgic faction who likes to collect old things, don't lick your own collections~ The old things have a retro atmosphere and absolutely kill the old items.

Five, "DIY manual articles"

If you want to DIY a wall painting yourself, you can also learn it from the simple.

Prepare materials:

Environmentally friendly paints, writing brushes, pens, chalks, pencils, pencil holders, and small-area walls (for beginners, it is best to choose small walls that are not conspicuous).

The basic steps:

1. It is recommended to brush the paint and putty on the bottom wall to keep the wall painting longer.

2. Determine the position, pattern and color of the wall painting before painting. The pattern and color should match the overall style of the room.

3. Make a draft according to the proportion of the wall surface. It is best to make a rough effect on the color.

4. Draw a picture on the wall with chalk according to the draft of the prior idea, and the details can be penciled.

5. Draw the outline of the pattern and paint it with acryl. Add propylene to the water, not too thin or too thick. The edge is carefully drawn with a hook-and-line pen, and the newspaper is attached to the pattern to prevent the pigment from getting into it.

6. Start the pigment, the pigment usually uses propylene. You can use a slightly larger pen at the beginning. A large-area wall painting can use a brush. The color is accurate, and the brightest part of the picture is empty. Basically, there is a deep to light color to transition.

The last thing is to be careful and careful, don't be disturbed by the outside world, you can paint and pay attention to the effect and modify it in time.

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