9 steps to decorate know not to worry about

Many homeowners are in touch with the decoration for the first time, and they are not very familiar with the decoration process. In fact, home decoration can be divided into nine steps: design, preparation, hydropower, masonry, carpentry, paint, finished product installation, wallpaper and drapery. Understanding these nine steps will help the owners in their renovation work.

The first step: design work

The most important work before the house renovation is the division of functional blocks, the ease of use, and the planning and design of the main style.

Cycle: one week

Note points:

1. To fully express the needs of the designer, both parties agree.

2. It is required to increase space use efficiency as much as possible during design.

3, as much as possible to arrange the switch and socket.

4, a variety of cabinets should pay attention to practicality, in line with human needs.

5, design should take into account the problem of wallpaper shut.

Step Two: Construction Preparation

The construction preparation is a series of work related to the price, progress and on-site confirmation of the designer and the constructor before starting the renovation.

Cycle: one week

Note points:

1, according to the project material for a price review, can not just focus on the total price.

2, do a good job in the decoration budget, registration details.

3, a clear construction schedule, and the purchase of various materials.

4. The designer requested to confirm the position of various pipelines on site and confirm the layout of the decoration.

5, the protection of doors, windows and other items.

6. The white walls of the old wall should be removed and clean to ensure that there is no void in the wall.

The third step: hydropower project

The hydropower project is the first step in the construction of a house, and it is pre-embedded in pipelines such as water, electricity, coal, and exhaust.

Cycle: one week

Note points:

1, water pipes, wires and other materials to choose high-quality products to prevent post-maintenance, such as Weixing, Zhongce wire and other brands.

2. Water pipes and wire conduits must not be exposed. They need to be buried in the wall or the ground.

3, the location of the reserved hole of the bathroom drainage pipe must be accurate to avoid the secondary repair of the hole to destroy the structure.

4, as soon as possible to buy a smoke cooker, and pre-buried flue.

5. When the drainage pipes of the bathroom, kitchen and balcony are connected, the beam can be embedded in a rigid casing to prevent later drilling of the reinforcement.

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