Instructions for use of the stand-alone dust collector.

Hebei Jida specializes in producing all kinds of single-machine dust collectors. 1. Hebei Zida single-machine dust collector unit is installed in the vicinity of the mechanical equipment “target=_blank> mechanical equipment that generates dust, and the user can follow the air inlet size on the dust removal group. Self-formed metal or plastic suction pipes and vacuum hoods (can also be prepared by contacting the manufacturer when ordering).

2. Before the unit is working, check the inspection door 2, whether the ash door 4 and the air duct connection system are sealed to avoid leakage and reduce the vacuuming effect.

3. The voltage of the unit is 380 volts for three-phase AC. After the external power supply on the unit is connected to the power supply, the initial operation can be started. Pay attention to whether the fan is rotating forward (such as reverse rotation, the air volume is very small, and it needs to be exchanged. Power wiring).

4. The unit's electric control box cover should not be opened at will during work. If it is necessary to adjust the cleaning time or need to check the circuit, it should stop or cut off the power before working.

5, according to the nature of the dust and the amount of dust, should be vibrated at regular intervals, in general, three to four times per shift, 30-45 seconds each time to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

6. According to the actual needs, the dust should be cleaned regularly. When the dust collection in the dust collector is cleared, only when the fan and the cleaning mechanism stop working, open the sealed ash door and pull out the drawer.

7. In order to ensure that the equipment is in the best working condition, it should be as close as possible to the origin of the dust. Generally, it is better to connect the pipeline with one meter and a half to two meters. It may be short, and the elbow should be reduced as much as possible to avoid increasing the resistance loss.

8. The dust hood is the key component to ensure the unit is in the best condition. The user should make the ideal according to the principle of designing the dust hood according to the size of the machined part and the nature of the dust. Vacuum cleaner. Contact Electric Fax 0317-8349772 Lu Manager
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Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is extremely versatile. Used in the production of paper, soap, dyes, rayon, metal smelting, petroleum refining, cotton fabric finishing, coal tar product purification, and food processing, wood processing and machinery industries.

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