Kitchen bathroom ceiling installation tips

The installation of the ceiling of a common kitchen and toilet needs to be done after the installation of the pipeline. According to the correct order of the ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate to reduce vibration, the correct installation sequence in the bathroom, first installed Yuba, exhaust fans, and then do aluminum buckle ceiling. Then the following small series describes the installation techniques for kitchen bathroom ceilings .

Do not drill too deep

The key to the ceiling of the kitchen and toilet is to grasp the measure during the construction process, that is, when drilling a fixed hole, do not drill too deep. In the past construction, there was such a case. Because the drilling is too deep, the original waterproof capacity may be damaged, resulting in endless troubles. Therefore, it is recommended to keep 3-4 centimeters in diameter when drilling.

2. The installation order is correct

The correct kitchen and bathroom ceiling installation sequence can reduce unnecessary vibrations. The correct installation sequence in the bathroom is to install Yuba and exhaust fans first, and then do the ceiling. Do not install exhaust fan or bathroom heater directly on the aluminum gusset plate with screws. You can use the expansion bolts to hang directly on the concrete on the top; if the exhaust hose of the exhaust fan is longer, (more than 1 meter), it is best to let workers It is fixed on the top. Otherwise, the exhaust pipe will vibrate when the exhaust fan is turned on. The fixing method is very simple. It only needs to use scotch tape to fix it.

The correct order for the installation of kitchen ceilings should be to first fix the hood of the hood and the flue, and to select the location where the hood is to be installed at the other end, and to buy the lights used in the kitchen, but do not need to install first. Then install the ceiling, then install the lights, it is best not to install large lamps directly on the ceiling.

3 according to the construction plan will be arranged in order of plate color

When installing the keel, the direction of the keel should be determined according to the design trend of the ceiling measurement construction drawing. After the determination, the keel distance and punching point should be marked on the roof, and the electric hammer should be used for drilling. The depth of punching should not exceed 4 cm. Prevents the destruction of pre-embedded wire tubes in the wall. After the punch is ready, expand the matching inner bulge into the hole. According to the height of the corners, the galvanized copper wire saw is good, into the inner bulge, according to the length of the room to cut the keel, the keel is fixed on the copper wire with a nut. The laying of ceilings should also be based on the measurement of construction drawings, the shape of the plate, the order of colors arranged in order, row plate, the pinch plate should be tight and seamless between the corners, and to indicate the control line hole.

4. Pay attention to the leveling of the sheet during transport stacking

The aluminum buckle plates, plastic steel plates or integrated ceilings and supporting keels and fittings purchased in kitchen ceilings shall meet the product quality requirements and must be inspected for bending deformation. In the process of transportation and stacking, the plates should be laid flat and not pressed, and high temperature and harmful substances should be avoided. When the keel is installed, it must be flat and the spacing deviation should be controlled within the allowable range. When installing, if the dimensions are deviated, it should be adjusted before inserting in order, and no hard insertion is required to prevent deformation.

Information on the installation techniques for kitchen bathroom ceilings was introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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