More than 60 Da Vinci home consumers in Beijing want to defend their rights

After Da Vinci Furniture disclosed that some products were fraudulent by CCTV, consumers have entrusted lawyers to take the path of defending rights.
The reporter learned from Beijing Yingke Law Firm in the morning that more than 60 consumers have contacted the institute and want to collectively defend their rights. The amount claimed may exceed 100 million yuan.

I suspect that the furniture is not environmentally friendly. The child fostering relatives and friends, Ms. Liu and her husband are returnees and have lived abroad for many years. When they renovated their new home in 2008, they spent more than 800,000 yuan to purchase a full set of furniture from the Da Vinci store in Beijing's COFCO Plaza. The brand is Mariner, the origin is Spain, and the material is “Feng Maomu”.
"My family has 5 children, and they are still young, so I want to buy environmentally-friendly furniture." Ms. Liu said in an interview yesterday that the salesperson introduced her to the furniture "100% pure import."
Ms. Liu saw that the Da Vinci store was luxuriously decorated, and the furniture was expensive, which made her believe in quality. “If it is not purely imported, the price cannot be so expensive.”
After seeing the media reported that Da Vinci was suspected of fraud, Ms. Liu felt very surprised. "The furniture sold so expensive will actually have problems?" She immediately worried about the quality of the furniture she bought.
“The furniture smelled when I bought it. I found Da Vinci, but they asked me to go to the authority to check.” Ms. Liu said that in the end, which test unit was the authoritative department, Da Vinci did not make it clear.
"Until now, I don't know if these furniture are environmentally friendly. I should find an agency test to be recognized by Da Vinci. Such expensive furniture is thrown away, and I can't bear it. But I am worried that my family has 'poison', so I have no choice but to take the child. Fostering in the family and friends," said Ms. Liu.
Consumers demanded that personal information be kept confidential. Lawyer Jiang Suhua, the liaison person of Beijing Headquarters, said that there are more than 20 lawyers in the rights group. The main contacts with lawyers are consumers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Up to now, there are 60. The rest of the people said that they would participate in collective rights protection.
"Da Vinci's consumers belong to high-end groups. Many consumers call for confidentiality and don't disclose their information to the media." Jiang Suhua said that in the past few days, many reporters have called to interview consumers. However, he was almost refused to be interviewed after he was in contact.
Jiang Suhua introduced that the current consumption of these consumers averaged more than 1 million yuan, the highest close to 5 million yuan. Regarding the identity of these consumers, Jiang Suhua said: "The people themselves do not take the initiative to say, we will not ask."

Consumers focus on three types of problems According to the rights activist Tang Hongxin, the reporters have introduced three major situations: The first is that furniture is a “day trip” product, the origin is false, posing as imported furniture. There is fraudulent behavior; the second is that the furniture has quality problems in use, such as broken edges, degumming, and odor.
In addition, the consumer has paid the purchase price and placed an order, but after seeing the media report, he requested to cancel the contract.
In the contract signed by consumers and Da Vinci, the furniture brand, place of origin and materials are generally clearly written, but the consumer phone received by Yingke Law Firm Guangzhou Branch has encountered a new situation: Da Vinci only Write the product code on the contract.
"This situation is very special, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty for consumers to defend their rights." According to Chen Beiyuan, a lawyer at the Yingke Law Firm's Guangzhou Branch, he told reporters that because of the product code in the contract, consumers are still confused about what brand it is. Where the origin is, I only know that it was purchased at Da Vinci.

Request for double compensation will exceed 100 million yuan. Mr. Jiang Suhua said that since Da Vinci consumers are scattered throughout the country and their respective demands are different, the rights defense lawyers are actively contacting consumers to collect relevant materials and evidence. Will be unified on behalf of consumers and Da Vinci negotiations. If the negotiation fails, then decide the next claim plan, such as filing a class action lawsuit with the court.
According to preliminary estimates by the Human Rights Lawyers Group, the total number of consumers who have contacted Daphne’s furniture is about 70 million. If the consumer files a lawsuit for fraud and requires double compensation, the amount claimed will exceed 100 million yuan.
●Visit Da Vinci

To solve the problem with the utmost sincerity, Ms. Wang told the reporter that she had purchased more than one million yuan of “pure imported” furniture in Da Vinci in 2005. After seeing the media reports, she felt that she was fooled, so she found Da Vinci on July 16 to request a return. The other party told her that she had missed the return time and could return it unconditionally before July 14.
Yesterday, the reporter interviewed Da Vinci on the issue of return and consumer collective rights protection. It was discovered that Da Vinci’s previously announced two “media inquiries” calls have become empty. The Da Vinci after-sales hotline staff told reporters that after the complaints and problems reflected by the consumers, the company will contact the consumers within 24 hours.
The reporter then sent an e-mail to the Da Vinci Public Relations Department for an interview. After 40 minutes, he received a short reply saying that Da Vinci has now opened 400 service calls, and consumers' problems will be collected and resolved. Da Vinci will negotiate with consumers to resolve related issues with the utmost sincerity.

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