Investment in mahogany furniture: rationality is the right way to see the mahogany market first

In recent years, the international supply of redwoods has been reported to be tightening exports. The new national standard of mahogany has been implemented again, and all mahogany furniture must be equipped with a product quality express card before February 1st, which is called “identity card” of mahogany furniture. Recently, the price of mahogany furniture has dropped slightly. Comprehensive information has been suggested by industry insiders. If investors have demand, it may be the best buying point for mahogany furniture. Of course, "investment is risky, you need to be cautious", you need reason and judgment, don't blindly blind.
Redwood furniture is a resource investment product with large investment space. According to the introduction, since mahogany wood is a resource-based raw material, its growth period generally lasts for hundreds or even hundreds of years, the growth rate is slow, the density of wood is high, and the hardness is high. Even the mahogany furniture business revealed that there is news that after 2015, Myanmar will stop exporting mahogany to China. “Myanmar is an important source of imports for Chinese redwoods. If the source of materials is interrupted, there will be a wave of speculation in the domestic market.” Therefore, furniture made of mahogany is characterized by high value and rarity compared to other wooden furniture.
Mahogany furniture ID card, improvement and regulation of the mahogany market, the prospects are generally optimistic According to the introduction, the "General Technical Conditions of Mahogany Furniture" promulgated mainly includes the scope, terminology and definitions, requirements, quality, test methods, and main products of mahogany furniture. The use of the name of the tree species to name the mahogany furniture and other content, the new standard issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the National Standardization Administration Committee for the first time to define and standardize the definition of mahogany furniture. Under this standard, let's take a look at the current mahogany furniture market.
A person in charge of a mahogany furniture in Quanzhou, Fujian Province said that “the unevenness of the mahogany furniture market has always existed.” They have already started the development of the “ID card” for mahogany furniture. The person in charge of the mahogany furniture said that because of the high-end route, the price of mahogany furniture in their store is relatively reasonable, but cheap sometimes becomes a reason for not being trusted. “A lot of buyers have to run at least two times every time they look at mahogany furniture. The first trick is to see if they like it. The second one will come to the site with a knowledgeable friend, and they will be afraid to buy a second or even a fake. Goods." The international standard's introduction of the normative effect on the entire market will be very obvious.
In addition, the new standard for mahogany furniture requires mahogany furniture products to have three documents: product instruction manual, product quality express card and product certificate, including product implementation standards, product classification, product name, product model, specification, production date, and product mains. Materials, product finishing and decoration processes, product warranty and product delivery information. The above information will undoubtedly provide consumers with convenient and direct understanding of all aspects of mahogany furniture products.
According to industry analysts, the public should never underestimate this express card. It will have legal effect. Every detail marked above will be used as the legal basis for proving the authenticity of the product. Unqualified mahogany furniture on the market is impossible. Approved with "ID card".
According to reports, in the future, when consumers purchase mahogany furniture, they should take the initiative to ask the merchant for the product quality express card for scanning and archiving. If there is a problem with the product, you can go directly to the relevant department to make a complaint, and the company will be punished accordingly and pay compensation.
The mahogany furniture material pays attention to the variety of redwood also has "cabbage price"
As we all know, tree species is the most important factor in determining the value of mahogany furniture, and it is also the most concerned point when consumers buy mahogany furniture.
According to the size and workmanship of the products, the price of mahogany furniture will be quite different. The price of a small set of red rosewood in Laos is about 100,000 yuan. If it is a large set of seven sets of sofas, the price may reach three or four. 100,000 yuan." A person in charge of mahogany furniture said.
The reporter learned from a specialty store in Quanzhou City that Quanzhou consumers are most favored with Laos red rosewood. The price per ton is about 100,000 yuan, which belongs to the middle and high grade of mahogany furniture. For example, two small antique chairs and a small coffee table, the market price will probably cost 100,000 yuan. The second type is Burmese rosewood. The same combination furniture market price is 20,000 yuan.
"Consumers who have the ability to buy mahogany furniture generally have good economic conditions. The price of tens of thousands to 100,000 yuan is generally within acceptable limits." Industry insider Chen said that such consumers buy mahogany furniture. Almost all used for household use, so it is not necessary to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars of mahogany furniture such as lobular rosewood. According to reports, the latter is often used for collection and use, and the requirements for materials, processes and maintenance of the products are extremely high, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to be professional.
According to reports, for some consumers who love mahogany furniture and "prices and oysters", industry insiders recommend that you can buy mahogany furniture such as African chicken wing wood, African rosewood, African red sandalwood, etc. These woods also belong to the category of mahogany furniture. In comparison, the price is relatively low, a small set of furniture is also a few thousand dollars, and the price of furniture of other materials is not much different.

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