Red stone is the most radioactive

Stone is a kind of building material with abundant resources, low price and good quality, and it is widely used in the field of building decoration. However, in recent years, some consumers have panic about the radioactivity of stone, and some consumers even refuse to use stone to decorate the living room.

In this regard, Li Stationmaster of Ningxia Construction Material Inspection Station told everyone that the issue of stone radioactivity should be viewed scientifically. How can consumers identify the strength of stone radioactivity? Li said that a simple and easy way: look at the color. In general, the amount of stone radiation from large to small is red, green, flesh red, grayish white, black.

If the consumer is still not at ease, they must go to a nationally authorized testing agency for radiation testing. However, the results of the detection of portable radioactivity detectors are not recognized by the national regulations, because such instruments are often affected by the radiation of other decorative materials during the detection, resulting in distortion of the detection results.

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